April 21, 2021

Michael Gove’s shocking film star past: A vicar, Sir Christopher Lee and testicles?

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gove-685370By George Simpson

TORY LEADERSHIP contender Michael Gove was in a film as a vicar who prays for Sir Christopher Lee’s testicles

Michael Gove once played a vicar in a low budget movie

After Oscar-winning performances in post-Brexit politics this week, the Justice Secretary has finally announced he wants to be Prime Minister.

Politicians have always been excellent actors in their own dramas, but were you aware of Gove’s acting past?

The Conservative MP had a small role as a public school chaplain opposite the late Sir Christopher Lee and Robert Hardy.

Gove doesn’t have any lines but takes a moment to pray for Lee’s teacher, who’s been hit in the groin by a cricket ball.

Gove’s chaplain doesn’t say word throughout

The low budget British film made in 1995 is called A Feast At Midnight.

The film sees a boy organise a secret midnight feast society due to the boarding school’s strict diet.

Gove managed to grab the part through a filmmaking friend having just graduated from Oxford University where he was President of the Union, just like Boris Johnson.

After his brief stint in amateur acting, Gove was a journalist at The Times before becoming a professional thespian in 2005 when elected as an MP.
The man who could be our next Prime Minister also had a go at stand up comedy.

In 1992 he was the presenter of a satirical Channel 4 series called A Stab In The Dark.

Comedian David Baddiel appeared with Gove on the programme and wasn’t exactly impressed by him.

He said: “I met Michael Gove when he was 23.

“He looked the same then – like a precocious child impersonating a big important grown-up.”

The last time Gove stood next to someone making a speech they got stabbed in the back…

He added: We were never mates. My memory of him is unfailingly polite and well-mannered. But not matey.”

Former Labour MP Glenda Jackson is another British politician who’s acted on screen, but she actually won two Oscars for Best Actress in 1969 and 1973.

Michael Gove may be released into 10 Downing Street on September 9, 2016.

gove speaking and in the film as vicar Digsby
gove’s vicar prays over lee who’s been hit Digsby
Lee speaking with Gove next to him SG
Gove’s vicar standing next to Hardy’s headmaster SG

For more on this story and video go to: http://www.express.co.uk/entertainment/films/685370/Michael-Gove-acting-film-A-Feast-at-Midnight-Christopher-Lee-testicles-Robert-Hardy

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