October 17, 2021

Mexico reports no microcephaly case linked with Zika

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020161126131915Source: Xinhua From Shanghai Daily

MEXICO has not recorded any cases of babies born with microcephaly due to their mothers being infected with the Zika virus during pregnancy, Mexican Health Minister Jose Narro said Friday.

In a press conference, Narro said the Mexican health system had carefully monitored any pregnant women infected with Zika but no malformation of babies was registered until now.

The World Health Organization(WHO) has stated there is strong evidence that pregnant women infected with Zika can give birth to babies with microcephaly and other malformations.

“We have followed pregnant women who probably had…Zika and, until now, we have seen no birth with microcephaly,” said the minister at a ceremony to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the National Cancer Institute in Mexico City.

A report by the Health Ministry on Nov. 21 showed that Mexico had 6,642 confirmed cases of Zika in 24 states, including 3,497 pregnant women.

“We continue to be very careful in our vigilance toward the disease. We have made systematic reports every week,” said the minister.

For more on this story go to: http://www.shanghaidaily.com/world/Mexico-reports-no-microcephaly-case-linked-with-Zika/shdaily.shtml

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