October 25, 2020

Message from Family Resource Centre: Stop and Smell the Roses!


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Often, when I’ve asked people about their plans for Valentine’s Day, they’ve responded with “I don’t celebrate Valentine’s because it’s such a commercialised holiday.” But now I’ve started to wonder if those people celebrate any holiday, as most are commercialised in some way. For me, holidays are what you make of them and it is up to you to celebrate them in a manner that makes you feel happy.

Valentine’s Day is a special day because it is the one time of year that you are asked to honour the relationships in your life. Whether you are a partner, mother, son or aunt, take time to appreciate that relationship.  Often our most intimate family members are used as emotional “punching bags” and we take them for granted; mistakenly thinking they will always be there when in fact it is these relationships that need the most care. They need constant cultivation, nourishment and attention. They need to be evaluated to see what we are doing that is helping or impeding their growth.

Perhaps if you’re one who does not typically celebrate Valentine’s Day, you can think of this Valentine’s Day as your annual relationship performance evaluation.  Making time to set goals for the coming year that will strengthen that relationship.  Or make a commitment to show your love to those around you.

Make time to have real conversations, where you listen to one another.  Take a walk and talk. Wake up earlier and eat breakfast together (heart-shaped pancakes optional).  Have a fun night out with friends. Make valentines like you did when you were children, covered in glitter and glue.

Any day that forces you to stop and remember to be thoughtful and loving is a day that should be celebrated by all!

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