October 22, 2020

Men’s hairstyles that look ‘cool’


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A hairstyle really defines a big part of your image and unlike women’s they last a long time. Women’s hair trends are short lived and often don’t last longer than a year. Men’s, on the other hand, only slowly evolve. Hairstyles in 2012 are often the same as they were two years ago.

I remember my little brother always strived to have the coolest hair cut around. He would cut and trim down his hair by himself for hours in the bathroom and every time he came out of it, he had a crazy looking hair do and somehow every one liked them but me. These are all the styles I can remember him of having:

  •   A 6 inch Mohawk
  •   A Completely shaved head
  •   Spiky wild hair
  •   Long hair
  •   A small Mohawk
  •   50/50 hair do
  •   Cainrow/ Cornrow


David Beckham’s latest is the one he models for Armani Underwear

There were others but thankfully I have forgotten their names. But he thought they looked ‘cool’, as did his friends including girls, so who am I to judge?

The 50/50 hair do was a style that had half of the head trimmed really short, and the other half trimmed down not so short. But the trimming had to be done in such a manner that the middle had to be longer than the rest, and was really complicated if you ask me.  Then there was the Bastian Schweinsteiger style after the German soccer team player. My brother tried to copy his never actually got to look as good.

But the coolness of a hairstyle really depends on the image you want to express. For example, a completely shaved head doesn’t suit most people and it certainly didn’t work for my brother! The classical cool haircuts for men were spiky hair, long hair and small Mohawks.

But there are cool styles for different kind of men. For teenagers the above mentioned are all perfectly good, but for guys a little bit older there are different styles. A guy that always seems to have a cool hair do is David Beckham, so I would recommend you to keep an eye out for him because he always seems to have that good looking hair we women love so much! Another famous personality that has always had a great hair cut, one of my favorites, is James Bond. No matter which actor represents him, James Bond will always have a great looking hairstyle.

And what’s trending for 2012? According to Fashionising.com its:

  • Slicked back undercut (after the HBO show “Boardwalk Empire”)
  • Brit-rock indie
  • Rockabilly
  • Men’s quiff
  • Short waves
  • Short curls
  • Slicked hair with a side part (“Mad Men” look)
  • Curly mop top
  • Grecian God shoulder length
  • Regency fringe (from Burberry)
  • Slicked hair (Dolce & Gabbana show)
  • Regency fashion inspiration
  • David Beckham’s latest is the one he models for Armani Underwear
  • Neo-Regency (Bilitornade’s catwalk)

I personally love actor James Maslow’s (he plays James Diamond in the TV series “Big Time Rush”) shaggy hairstyle.

But no matter who, or which style you choose to have, a cool hair cut style can only look cool if it’s the right one for you. It all depends on your facial shape and  hair colour. It should also be a direct reflection of your lifestyle.

Trey Songz-Haircut

Maintenance is also very important. A groomed but not uptight hairstyle should look squeaky clean, so use a lightweight shampoo every day. Style with a little bit of pomade and if you’re going grey, be sure to pick something opalescent. Scissor cut it every three to four weeks, preferably by a professional. Longer hairstyles should be washed two to three times a week with a little bit of styling cram worked in. It should be cut every six to seven weeks and layered. Very short styles must be washed daily and cut every two weeks. The less dented your head, the shorter you can go.

An excellent tip is to bring a picture of the style you want to your hairdresser and ask him if he thinks it will fit you. And, of course, if he can create it?

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