February 1, 2023

meeco to install 5 solar systems on NAREI Institute buildings in Guyana

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National Agricultural Research and Extension institute will be equipped with sun2roof and sun2safe solar solutions

By issuing several clean energy tenders, the Government of the CO-operative Republic of Guyana aims to reach the target of a 100% renewable energy supply in the country. Within the scope of this program, the Guyana Energy Agency has now awarded meeco and its local joint venture oursun Guyana the tender to supply, design and install five solar systems for the National Agricultural Resear ch and Extension Institute (NAREI). Upon completion, the five sites of the NAREI will thereby benefit from a clean energy supply ensured by sun2roof solar rooftop installations in combination with sun2safe energy management systems covering their internal energy needs.

As part of the Guyana Ministry of Agriculture, the NAREI conducts agricultural research to enhance the productivity and spur a sustainable development in the country. Five buildings of the institute will now be equipped with sun2roof solar rooftop installations. To cover the electric power consumption of the sites, meeco and oursun Guyana will install solar systems with a total capacity of 16 kWp on the rooftops of the institute’s buildings. These clean energy solutions will generate about 63.67 kWh of reliable solar energy per d ay and thereby ensure 16,268 kilograms of CO2 savings annually. In combination with the intelligent sun2safe energy management systems comprising tier one inverters and batteries, the photovoltaic solutions offer a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way of electricity production.

The installation of these sun2roof and sun2safe solar systems is part of a series of renewable energy projects in the country to be realised by meeco and oursun Guyana. As one of the first installations already accomplished, the rooftop of the State House in Georgetown has been equipped with a 43 kWp sun2roof solar solution. The government has moreover awarded meeco the tender to equip 57 governmental buildings with solar rooftop systems with a total capacity of 740 kWp and also to install a 400 kWp off-grid sun2live solution together with batteries offering a storage capacity of 400 kWh in the remote region of Mabaruma. “By realising these numerous clean energy projects, we aim to develop the solar energy market in Guyana and contribute to reaching the country’s sustainable energy goals”, states Thomas Beindorf, Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of The meeco Group.

About The meeco Group: The meeco Group was consolidated in 2000 and oriented its main focus towards the energy sector. With world headquarters located in Zug, Switzerland, the group current ly has over 86 employees working across four continents. Thanks to a structured but flexible approach based on its core competencies, The meeco Group has delivered over 423 MWp of clean, renewable energy solutions across four continents. The meeco Group accomplishes its mission by providing project developers, investors, governments, and private businesses with the services necessary for timely financing, installation, and operation of clean energy assets.

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