January 17, 2021

Medical marijuana laws in Arkansas

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It’s estimated that about half a million dollars are spent on legal marijuana products each day in Arkansas. Though recreational weed is prohibited in the state, using it for medical purpose is legalized. It is legal to purchase marijuana if approved by doctors and bought from any of the licensed medical marijuana dispensaries in Arkansas. There are various other things the patients need to keep in mind before they use cannabis for prescriptive use.

Rules and Regulations

  • The patients must be registered under the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) for using cannabis medically. The ADH will give an ID card for using weed medically to the patients and caregivers. This ID is known as the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Card and can only be issued after getting the doctor’s approval. There is a list of diseases for which the department approves the use of weed for medical reasons. If any disease is not listed, then ADH will review the patient and eventually approve the use of weed.
  • A patient is to follow the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment (AMMA) of 2016. This amendment allows the use of marijuana for diagnostic reasons by patients with serious conditions.
  • The Alcoholic Beverage Control Division of Arkansas has issued guidelines for dispensing and cultivating cannabis. They also control all the medical marijuana dispensaries in Arkansas. The cannabis required for the patients of Arkansas must be grown and processed within the state boundaries.
  • The AMMA also created the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission to control the cultivation facilities and the licensing of the dispensaries. They also cooperate with the Alcoholic Beverage Control Division while implementing new guidelines.

Applying for the Medical Marijuana Card

  • The patients must have their doctor’s approval certificate and a signed ADH form.
  • The patient must be over 18 years of age. For minors, parents’ consent is mandatory.
  • They must be a resident of Arkansas and needs to have proof of residency.
  • They as well as the caregiver need to pay a non-refundable amount of $50. The caregiver needs to pay an additional charge of $37 for their background check. This amount is not required if the caregiver is a parent or a legal guardian of the patient.

Buying and using medical cannabis in Arkansas

  • The patients are prohibited from growing marijuana and can only buy it from a licensed dispensary. They can get hold of marijuana products by showing their ADH issued ID card.
  • The caregivers can also buy prescriptive cannabis for their patients with their ADH issued card.
  • The licensed dispensaries selling cannabis are available in metro cities like Jonesboro, Hot Springs, and Little Rock. Many dispensaries also offer delivery and pickup services apart from their regular storefront business.
  • The patients must consume their weed products only at their homes. Public consumption of cannabis, even for diagnostic purposes, is prohibited.
  • The patients or caregivers are allowed to buy only 70.87 grams or 2.5 ounces of weed every 14 days from one licensed dispensary.

Knowing the law before prescribing and buying weed for medical purposes is always beneficial for specialists and commoners.

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