September 26, 2020

MAS2 TV takes Caribbean culture to the world


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mas 2 tvBy Shirvan Williams From Guardian T&T

Millions of people around the world will soon have access to the unique culture of T&T and the Caribbean on any media platform they choose through a new channel called MAS2 TV.

Viewers will be able to use the first Over the Top (OTT) TV service strictly dedicated to Caribbean content, through an Internet-based platform which will feature live programming as well as on demand programming.

MAS2 TV which was launched on Thursday at Aria Lounge on Ariapita Avenue, will showcase Caribbean movies, cooking, documentaries, docu-series, comedy, fashion shows, award shows, sports and cultural events such as Carnival.

The new platform will be offered on a free demo basis until March 1 on the channel’s mobile Web site.

The channel will be featured on connected TV devices Roku players and Roku TVTM, as well as via apps on iOS 8 and Android devices. All content will be available 24 hours a day. There are also plans before the end of the year to make MAS2 TV available on gaming consoles such as Sony Play Station and XBox. The platform works like Netflix or Hulu in the US.

Dianne Bissoon, the executive vice-president and chief creative officer of Mas2 TV International, who was born in Trinidad but grew up in the United States, dedicated the launch to her 85-year-old mother Dolly Heerasingh, who she said was the biggest fan of television that she knew. Heerasingh was present at the launch.

“We want to be really clear that MAS2 TV is not just synonymous with Carnival. It (MAS2 TV) actually stands for the genres of programming, which is Multiculturalism, Arts, Sports and Society. This means things like Caribbean movies, documentaries, award shows cooking shows and the arts. We wanted to launch today because we recognise that Trinidad is home to the largest festival in the region.”

Bissoon added that she was happy to be able to provide a platform for local artistes and performers to showcase their talents. She said MAS2 TV was already speaking to the T&T Film Company about having local film content on the channel.

She said the idea for the channel came about in T&T after last year’s Carnival and she feels it is the perfect platform for everybody to share Caribbean content.

A mass call has already been issued for local producers and they have already received material from St Lucia and few other Caribbean islands, she continued.

Paul Hamm of Endavo Media who is the platform operator for the channel, said television viewing was changing around the world and this channel would be the perfect opportunity for the Caribbean to capitalise on that changing market.

“What we are doing is opening the door. People’s eyeballs are there now and if we can successfully pull together the talent and content an Over the Top would be the perfect opportunity as a market. Giving this opportunity to the Caribbean is a truly exciting thing.”

IMAGE: MAS2 TV officials at the launch at Aria on Thursday (15) are from left, chief technical officer Cleverston Miller, chief marketing officer Cathy Dunn, executive vice president Dianne Bissoon, on air talent producer Dr Guldal Caba and Endavo Media CEO Paul Hamm.

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