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Maritime Incident in Cayman Brac – UPDATED

From Cayman Islands Government


Grand Cayman, 07 July 2024: On Saturday, 6 July, an oil tanker, ‘Sea Elephant’ which was delivering diesel to Cayman Brac was involved in an incident in the vicinity of the Cayman Brac Port that resulted in damage to the hull of the vessel and sea floor.

There was no fuel leakage, but the vessel is still being monitored as a precautionary measure. 

The Department of Environment, Coast Guard, Maritime Authority, and other Government agencies are investigating to determine the extent of damage to the vessel and reef. 

As this is an ongoing investigation, further details will be disseminated where possible.


Grand Cayman, 07 July 2024: Several Government agencies are aware of and conducting initial investigations into a maritime incident which occurred on Cayman Brac on Saturday, 6 July. 

A further statement will be issued later when details are available.


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