September 24, 2020

Maples and Calder Promotes Literacy


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From left: Maples and Calder partner, Alasdair Robertson, Lisa Robertson and Literacy Coach, Brad Wilson

The Red Bay Primary School will receive a Levelled Literacy Intervention (“LLI”) kit, thanks to the generous donation of corporate sponsor, Maples and Calder, who recently donated CI$2,500

The LLI kit consists of a series of planned lessons designed to provide supplementary instruction for Year 1, 2, and 3 students who have difficulties learning to read and write.

Literacy Coach, Brad Wilson, recently reached out to Maples and Calder via Alasdair Robertson, a partner at the firm and his wife, Lisa, to express a need for the kit at the school. He noted that it was particularly important for Year 2 and 3 students, whose literacy skills tested below average at the start of the school year.

Several primary schools on island have already successfully implemented the program. Some key findings from a pilot program showed that among Year 2 students in the program, only 8% were reading at grade level upon entering LLI, yet 32% were at or above grade level upon completing the kit.

“As lawyers it will come as no surprise that we have an appreciation of the importance of literacy and a love of reading,” said Alasdair Robertson, Global Head of the firm’s Finance practice. “As such, we are delighted to donate the funds for this kit to ensure that a future generation of our community will have improved literacy and thus better access to opportunities in life.”

Maples and Calder actively supports a broad range of organisations which benefit members of our community, including youth and the elderly.

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