November 27, 2020

Man pleads guilty to supplying coke

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cocaineCamilo Naranjo (28) pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to sell up to 3 kilos of cocaine to undercover police officers for $54,000.

Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS) officers arrested Naranjo outside Calico Jack’s Beach Bar in November 2010 after a sting operation but before the drugs were handed to the undercover officers.

The whole operation began when the drugs officers, originally from the United Kingdom, went undercover as real estate developers to investigate cocaine sales in local bars.

They obtained the trust of a man called Osman Bonilla at Royal Palms who introduced them to Naranjo when they said they wanted larger quantities than he could deliver.

During the meetings with Naranjo, that were all recorded by the officers, Naranjo boasted he controlled the cocaine market in Cayman earning himself in excess of half million dollars a year selling drugs. He even told the officers how to smuggle as much as 2 kilos of cocaine on the body without getting caught by using women’s stockings.

A deal was made to supply the 3 kilos at Calico Jack’s but before anything could take place a RCIPS patrol car drove into the car park there and Naranjo became suspicious and tried to move the drop location.

The officers decided to arrest Naranjo even though he did not have possession of the cocaine.

Defence attorney Clyde Allen submitted to the Court with Justice Charles Quin presiding, that Naranjo was not a wholesaler of drugs. He had over-stated his importance in the local drug market in order to con the police intending to steal their money.

The judge ordered Naranjo back into custody at HMP Northward until March 13th 2013 when he will hand down his judgment. The Defendant has been in custody since November 2010.

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