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Man lured teenage girl to her death with fake Facebook page

facebook-profile-problemBy Alex Fitzpatrick, Mashable

A man indicted on murder charges set up a fake Facebook page to lure a teenage girl before kidnapping and killing her, according to police.

Kyle Dube, 20, is accused of using Facebook in a bizarre scheme to kidnap 15-year-old Nichole Cable and later pose as a hero when he would “find” Cable. The plan went horribly wrong: After Dube got Cable to leave her house by posing as her friend, he jumped at her from the woods near her family’s Glenburn, Maine, house, duct-taped her and shoved her in his dad’s truck.

Dube later discovered Cable was dead and dumped her body in the nearby woods, according to the police affidavit as reported by the Associated Press.

Bryan Butterfield, a friend of Cable’s, told police a person who he suspected to be Dube set up a fake Facebook account in his name and that Cable often exchanged messages with the fake Butterfield profile. Butterfield also said that Cable had turned down Dube’s requests for sex.

Investigators worked with Facebook to corroborate Butterfield’s claims by linking the fake account to Dube’s family’s house. They determined that Dube, posing as Butterfield, made repeated attempts to get Cable to meet him in person down the road from her house before she finally relented.

Cable’s exact cause of death has yet to be determined. Her mother reported her missing on May 13 and her body was discovered May 20.

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