October 28, 2020

Man jailed after first date terror ride


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Judge Charles Quin

A man has been jailed for four years after a “first date” ended with him kidnapping the girl and taking her on a 45 minutes terror ride.

Colleen Cummings spent the evening “hanging out” with Murphy Powell after arranging the date last January.

The pair visited a number of bars together but after Ms Cummings refused to have sex with Powell his mood changed and he refused to let her out of the car.

Judge Charles Quin told the Grand Court: “The complainant said she was in ‘total shock’ and became afraid for her safety because the defendant’s driving had become erratic. In that he was speeding and turning the vehicle very quickly.”

As he was speeding along South Sound, the court heard, he kept telling her: “Put out or get out”.

Every time Ms Cummings asked to get out of the Ford truck Powell just hit the accelerator and drove faster.

Fearing for her safety, Ms Cummings dialed 911 on and engaged Powell in conversation – trying to give information to the police of her location.

Judge Quin said: “The defendant kept on driving and told the complainant that if she wanted to leave she would have to jump.

“As they passed Bodden Town the complainant saw three or four police cars and asked 911 why they were not coming to help. The complainant also noticed that a marked police car had passed her.

“The defendant continued to drive in a dangerous manner. He drove to High Rock Road and turned into it. At this stage the complainant was near to tears and described herself as being distraught and hopeless.

“It is clear from both the recording and the transcript that the complainant was very concerned about why the defendant was taking her to the quarry on High Road Road. The complainant said she began to think about being killed or rapped when she realised he had driven her down to the quarry.”

Eventually they drove off and when passing another police car, Powell sped up to approximately 90mph.

The police followed the truck and tried to stop it, even setting up a road block near Midland Acres.

When he slowed down near to Savannah Countryside Shopping Village Ms Cummings took the opportunity to jump out of the vehicle and Powell sped off.

When police took her back to her car Ms Cummings received a call from Powell who asked her: “So you are not going to go out with me again or what?”

He could then be heard laughing.

Although he wasn’t caught on the night, Powell eventually gave himself up to police and admitted he had driven the car fast and “become vexed” when she refused to have sex with him.

In September he pleaded guilty to wrongful confinement and also admitted dangerous driving.

Judge Quin told him he had taken into account his guilty plea, did not subject the complainant to any physical violence or abuse and had since started another relantion and had a child.

Judge Quin said: “It is clear from the transcript that the complainant was frightened out of her wits.”

Powell was jailed for two and a half years for wrongful confinement and 18 months for dangerous driving to run consecutively.

He was also banned from driving to two years on his release from prison.


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