September 18, 2020

Major projects office and a new Director of procurement revealed in latest Cayman Islands DG&CO Minutes


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Franz Manderson Dep GovMinutes

Deputy Governor and Chief Officers’ Meeting

11th August 2014

Attendees: Deputy Governor; Ms. Jennifer Ahearn; Mr. Stran Bodden; Mr. Samuel Rose; Mr. Alan Jones; Ms. Jacqueline Wilson; Mr. Kenneth Jefferson; Mrs. Gloria McField-Nixon; Mr. Kevin McCormac; Mrs. Mary Rodrigues; Ms. Dorine Whittaker; Mr. Eric Bush; Ms. Tamara Ebanks

Apologies: Dr. Dax Basdeo; Ms. Cheryl Richards

  1. Welcome

The Deputy Governor welcomed everyone and prayer was offered.

  1. Formal Approval of Minutes

The July14 meeting minutes were approved by all attendees for circulation.

  1. Matters Arising from the Minutes

There were no matters arising.

  1.  Presentation by Deloitte on IT Assessment and 4-year Plan for Computer Services Department

Deloitte was requested by the Ministry of Home Affairs to conduct a review of the Computer Services Department (CSD). Representatives of Deloitte gave a brief presentation on their findings.

The presentation provided:

–           An overview of the IT strategy framework

–           An assessment of the current and future role of IT within CIG

–           Government Sector benchmarks

–           IT maturity assessment results

CO Bush will continue to work with Deloitte and CSD to implement the changes needed to enhance the workings of the Department.

  1. Update on EY Report

The final report is expected within 2 weeks.

  1. Major Capital Projects

The Deputy Governor and Chief Officers reviewed the Auditors General’s report on major projects. It was acknowledged that significant progress has been made on implementing the recommendations in the report. For example, a major projects office is being established and a Director of Procurement is being recruited and should be in office within the next few months. More importantly, major capital projects such as the seaport, airport and landfill are all being carried out in accordance with the FFR and the Auditor General’s recommendations. The Deputy Governor noted the criticism in the press about the process being followed with some of these projects, but encouraged Chief Officers not to be deterred and to continue to follow best practice.

The DG also advised that the Auditor General has expressed a desire to audit the progress of these projects at an early stage and it was agreed that Chief Officers Ahearn and Bodden would meet with the Auditor General next week.

The DG commented that while mistakes had been made in the past on major capital projects, he was of the view that lessons had been learned and that proper process was now being followed and will be followed going forward. This is in keeping with the vision of providing value for money in everything the Government does.

  1. Performance Management

The completion of Performance Assessments and Agreements are progressing ahead of last year’s high completion rate.

The Deputy Governor encouraged COs to ensure that all Assessments and Agreements are completed by the established deadlines.

  1. Any Other Business

The Annual Education Professionals’ Welcome will be held at Mary Miller Hall on

August 20

. The HSA continues to monitor the spread of the Chikungunya virus. To date there has only been one case reported which is believed to have been transmitted locally

. Advisories have been issued in regards to the Ebola virus.

. The Cayman Girls U15 football team has won all three of their football games and has advanced to the quarter finals. Their first game in the quarter finals will be against Honduras on Wednesday night

Meeting adjourned at 4:15pm


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