October 25, 2020

Maintain your bike


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Maintain your bike Keeping your bicycle in top condition requires regular protective and preventive maintenance, some of which can be done by you.

Tyres – Check your air pressure to be sure the tyres are inflated as per the manufacturer’s specifications. Tyres should be inspected for any signs of ripping, or wear and tear. Wheels need regular tuning and adjustment, and should be checked for dents and twists. Spinning is the best way to check a wheel.  If the wheel shakes from side to side as it spins, it needs to be tightened.  Spokes also need to be tightened and fixed firmly to the rims.

Handlebar – Adjust the height so that you can comfortably hold the handlebar when seated. Properly align it with the front wheel, to accommodate both quick swerves and smooth changes in either direction.  Properly adjust the front fork so it is securely fastened to the handlebar post.  Check the pedals are tightly secured.

Brakes – Check the brakes by squeezing them and rolling the bike ahead.  If the brakes work properly, the wheels will not roll and the brake pads will stay squarely on the rims without touching the tyres.  If the brake levers touch the handlebars when pressed, it means the brake cables are loose. Tighten them and check for wear.  If the brake cables are frayed, have them replaced.

Chain – Regularly lubricate the chain, to produce smooth and swift movement.  Use a de-greaser to remove accumulated dirt on the grease.   Put fresh grease on to replace the dirty grease that has been removed.

Maintain your bike and it will last many years.

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