November 27, 2020

Luelan’s pink marlin

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Luelan Bodden, 43, is an electrician by trade, but every spare moment he has goes into creating works of art that are unusual, wonderful and unique. He has just finished sculpting a blue marlin, only in this case, it’s actually a pink marlin, because its been made from the inside of a single conch shell.

“The piece was commissioned from an ex-coworker for CI$600, who saw another one I had already made, and wanted one just like it,” Mr. Bodden said.

It is one of several in a series of sculptures that Mr. Bodden has made out of conch shells, which Mr. Bodden gets from a friend who fishes for conch during conch season, for eating, who usually discards the shells.

Early in 2011, Mr. Bodden used the shells to make a beautiful hibiscus flower, which he sent by Fed-Ex, to Buckingham Palace to present to Prince William and Kate Middleton as a wedding gift.

“I got a letter of thanks for that gift,” Mr. Bodden said.

The next sculpture was a large wolf’s head made from many conch shells.

“The wolf came out of a dream that I had, and I decided to make this wolf head that I saw in the dream,” he said.

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