September 27, 2020

London Fashion Week


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Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 9.25.51 PM18 whimsical London Fashion Week photos that will make you smile

By Stephanie Buck From Mashable

Some people think of British fashion as prim and coquettish, probably with ruffles — you know, something you could wear to a polo match. On the contrary.

London Fashion Week, which started Friday, proves the UK has its own brand of fashion whimsy. Designers and tastemakers are eager to share their style sense through garments and accessories. With cartoonish colors and cheeky statement jewelry, Brits continue their time-honored tradition of challenging the style status quo.

It’s only day two of London Fashion Week, and our heads can’t stop spinning. From neon vinyl and fuzzy

sandals to ironic swim caps, here are the favorite finds that made us smile.

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