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Local workers start Dart project

Workers on the site of the old Courtyard Marriott

The long awaited redevelopment of the old Courtyard Marriott Hotel is finally underway.

The reopening of the Marriott forms part of a massive multi-million dollar development agreement between real estate mogul, Mr. Kenneth Dart and the Cayman Islands Government.

The pre-redevelopment phase, comprising the stripping of the interior dry walls of the hotel’s interior partitions, has already started.

The hotel, which is located on the West Bay Road, has been closed for more than 2 years.

In an interview with iNews, Public Relations Manager for Dart Realty (Cayman) Ltd. Ms. Jo Gammage indicated that this is only pre-redevelopment work.

First phase of the development gets underway

Ms. Gammage also said the actual redevelopment phase will soon follow.

“The actual redevelopment has not yet started.

“What they are doing now is stripping out the interior of the building. This part of the operation is a five week project.

“Upon completion of the redevelopment, the hotel will look different and will upgrade to a 4-5 star hotel.”

Dart say that a Caymanian Construction Company, and local workers are currently employed on
the project.

A team of more than 60 Caymanian construction workers are reported to be employed.

Following the furious onslaught of hurricane Paloma in August 2008,and the thrashing of Hurricane Gustav, only three months later, the once scenic hotel was left in absolute ruin.

The derelict building remained dormant for about two years before it was finally sold by Atlanta based, Real Estate developer, Stan Thomas, to Dart.



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