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List of ingredients

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio

Paul McGowan

Prepackaged foods list their ingredients so consumers know what they’re putting into their bodies.

My rule of thumb is not to eat anything I cannot pronounce or if the list sounds more like a Gilbert Chemistry set than food.

Stereo equipment manufacturers have no such rules though many tout the good stuff (and generally keep quiet about the ho-hum parts).

The more organic the parts the more likely a manufacturer is to list their ingredients: vacuum tubes, film capacitors, MOSFETS, JFETS, GaN FETs, FPGAs, precious metal connectors, high purity wires.

Other than food, automobiles, furniture, clothing, and high-end stereo equipment I can’t think of many other products that care to list their primary ingredients. Perhaps this is because consumers don’t care?

More likely it’s because it’s not important. I don’t really care what this computer is made of nor do I give a rat’s ass what type of rubber or plastic goes into the tires on my car.

I do care what the ingredients are in my speakers and electronics because I believe their composition plays a major role in the quality of music I am expecting to enjoy.

Not every FET, tube, or carbon fiber cone sounds best but it certainly is a good starting point from which to form an opinion.

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