October 28, 2020

Lisa and choir hit the right notes


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International soprano Lisa Carlisle was in good voice when she helped the choir from Grace Academy.

The Welsh-born opera star gave some valuable tips to youngsters during a specialist workshop held at John Gray Memorial United Church.

Ms Carlisle is in town to perform at Camana Bay Arts and Recreation Centre tomorrow night.

The concert, which also features Young Musician of the Year, Isabella Rooney, is part of the Voices for Hospices event which will see musical events staged around the world.

Lisa shows children the way

If you want to be the best, then you need to learn from the best.

And that’s exactly what children from Grace Christian Academy have been doing.

Internationally renowned opera singer Ms. Lisa Carlisle, offered guidance and coaching to some of the Cayman Islands future singing stars.

The soprano was part of a training workshop held at the John Gray Memorial Church in West Bay.

About 22 students, boys and girls ages 9-15, from grades 4-9, received tutoring from the Welsh sensation.

During the workshop, Ms. Carlisle provided intuitive and technically oriented tips and advice to the students on how to properly develop and project their voices.

Workshop organiser, Ms. Fran McConvey, a music teacher at the school, said she invited Ms. Carlisle to help groom the potential of the choir members, particularly in the area of voice projection.

Ms. McConvey said: “I asked her to come over to help work with the children on their voice projection, as kids tend to have a problem with that.

Ms. Carlisle added: “I enjoy teaching kids, and I enjoy conducting workshops on this Island.

“After the workshop, I expect the kids to become more aware of their voice as an instrument and about how it works.

“I want the kids to also understand the positive impact that an alert stance and performance on stage can have on an audience.

“It is important for classical singers, singing without a microphone to know just how to project their voices.”

Ms. Carlisle instructed the junior opera singers on proper breathing techniques and the appropriate postures, which should be utilised during a performance.

The children were tutored in large and small groups to ensure that the specific needs of the students were addressed.

The kids were also briefed on how to develop and radiate confidence on stage and given tips to help them conquer their nervousness.

Ms. McConvey will be joining Lisa on stage playing violin and piano when she performs at the Camana Bay Arts and Recreation Centre on Saturday (8 October).

The concert, for Cayman Hospice Care, also features Butterfield Young Musician of the Year, Isabella Rooney.

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