October 27, 2020

LIME unveils investments and new CEO


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LIME new CEOGeorgina Wilcox

Telecommunications company LIME has a new Chief Executive Officer  (CEO) and he wasted no time in announcing his company is in the process of upgrading its mobile network to introduce 4G LTE services, the fastest available mobile data technology, before the end of this year.

LIME’s CEO, Bill McCabe, who replaced Caymanian Tony Ritch just over a month ago, said at last Tuesday’s press conference their mobile data users will see a major improvement in download speeds and service performance.

He said LIME will be investing more than $30M into its infrastructure this year and 2014.

The first part of the investment will be the deployment of dual carrier technology that immediately doubles available mobile data speeds. This will be followed by rolling out nationwide, next generation LTE network capability in the Cayman Islands before Christmas.

LIME obtained the license for the spectrum required to broadcast U.S.-standard LTE in the Cayman Islands last July.

Saying the new mobile LTE network leaves Wi-Fi for dust he stated a good quality 4G/LTE “is the difference between just being connected and being able to really get things done over a mobile network.

“The mobile technology that we are using is the same one that is used by AT&T and Verizon in the United States, which is why [the auction] was so hotly contested, because it means that it is compatible with one of our nearest neighbors for travel reasons,” Mr. McCabe said. It also ensures that mobile phones with 4G LTE capability available in the market today or purchased in the U.S. will work in Cayman.

“It is my ambition and determination to ensure that we are not just one of the best connected countries in the region but one of the best connected countries in the world. I think that is critical for our future and our growth, but also our customers.”

A new “MyPlan” service was also announced. The plan will enable customers to be notified when they get close to and reach their data limits, and charges a lower out of bundle rate of 3c/Mb for customers exceeding their selected monthly data allowance.  It also includes calls to more than 100 countries within the bundle at the same rate and any unused part of the bundle in the month will be rolled over to the next month.


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