June 16, 2021

LIME: Investing in the Caribbean remains a priority

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Lime & PM0011 (1)Continuous investment in cutting-edge technologies and infrastructure remains high on the list of priorities for LIME in its strategy for sustained growth.

According to Martin Roos, Chief Executive Officer with responsibility for LIME’s regional operations, a prudent approach to business should manifest itself in the provision of value-added services, superior networks and coverage, coupled with an unparalleled customer experience.

He was speaking during a recent courtesy call to Prime Minister Freundel Stuart at Ilaro Court yesterday.

“We are in the business of connecting people and we see it as a privilege to be Barbados’ leading – and only – full service telecommunications provider. LIME has been a pioneer in the telecommunications industry, but with our leadership comes great responsibility and that’s why we have decided to make such a major investment in Barbados ” said Roos.

“Over the last decade, LIME has played an integral role in the economic development of the country and we have been at the forefront of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). LIME has been the technology backbone of the Caribbean. “We will therefore continue to invest in ICT infrastructure, while at the same time educate our customers about the many benefits of incorporating ICTs in the way we all transact business.”

Pointing to recent developments in Barbados, Roos highlighted LIME’s $160 million dollar investment in its fibre-optic network and the recent upgrades made to its 4G mobile network, which now has island-wide status.

“For more than a century, LIME has been in the business of connecting people, first with the provision of telegraph services, followed by landline technology, then the Internet, and now finally web-based entertainment,” he said.

“At the same time, we feel compelled to share our knowledge and experience in order to shed some light on the best ways to align our activities with the broader socio-economic goals for Barbados and the Caribbean. In the meantime, we remain driven to deliver the very best communication services to governments, businesses and families with one unifying promise – to build, connect, and above all else, improve the communities in which we serve.”

Echoing the regional CEO’s sentiments was Oliver Chatten, Chief Executive Officer, LIME (Barbados).

“Without a doubt, the presence of strong telecommunications oftentimes result in tangible socio-economic benefits, such as increased employment opportunities, more efficient economies and improved access to education. This will ultimately lead to more social equality,” he said.

Chatten also encouraged Caribbean governments and policymakers to enable an environment conducive for the future growth and development of the telecommunications sector.

LIME currently has operations in fourteen Caribbean countries.

IMAGE: Prime Minister Freundel Stuart greeting Chief Executive Officer of LIME Caribbean, Martin Roos, Chief Financial Officer, LIME (Barbados), Patrick Hinkson, Corporate Communications & PR Manager, LIME (Barbados), Marilyn Sealy and Chief Executive Officer, LIME (Barbados), Oliver Chatten at Illaro Court Oct 27 2014

SOURCE: http://www.lime.com/bb/content/lime-investing-caribbean-remains-priority


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