November 27, 2020

Life rafts spotted near capsized rig

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Russia Oil Platform Capsizes

MOSCOW (AP) — Rafts carrying people have been spotted off Russia’s east coast where a floating oil rig sank in remote, freezing waters, the owner said Monday, but the government would not confirm the report and it was not clear whether there were survivors.

Time appeared to be running out for the scores of oil workers still missing the day after their floating platform was downed in a severe storm. Workers have already pulled out 10 bodies from the Sea of Okhotsk, and there are four more bodies that haven’t been retrieved yet, the Emergencies Ministry said.
Of the 67 men aboard, 14 were plucked alive from the icy waters immediately after the accident and taken to a hospital.

Chances of survival are negligible as the water temperature in the area is 1 degree Celsius (33.8 Fahrenheit).
An official at the rig’s owner Arktikmorneftegazrazvedka, who asked not to be named because the offshore oil exploration firm is not authorized to comment on the rescue operation, told The Associated Press that rescue vessels have spotted four rafts with people aboard, but it was not clear if they were alive or not. The Emergencies Ministry and military officials would not confirm.

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