December 1, 2020

Life coaching – a new transition

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Fiona Pimentel

A new business called Transitions Ltd will be offering free life coaching until its official launch in January, 2012. The company will provide training, life coaching and celebration of clients’ life transitions.

I sat down with the owner of this new venture, Fiona Pimentel, a very beautiful young lady, a native of England who now resides here with lawyer husband. She also speaks fluent Spanish. I asked her what exactly is coaching? She told me it is a process that helps an individual to achieve a particular result in their life or career.

“It is about identifying and setting goals, then making sure that action is taken to reach those goals,” she said.

Being blunt I went straight to point and questioned her as to why anyone would want to listen to her advice and was coaching the same as counselling?

She replied with a smile, “My clients would not be listening to my advice. It is actually the other way round. As a coach, I don’t give advice. I may gently suggest a direction that the client might like to take, but mostly it is about helping them to discover what options are available to them. So, it involves a lot of listening to them.  Counselling is for people who have a problem that they need help with. It often deals with going over past experiences. Coaching is generally more for people who are healthy, but just want to improve areas of their life or business.”

“Absolutely everyone can benefit from having someone whose attention is entirely focused on them, and whose purpose is to draw out their potential and to facilitate change in their life,” she explained.

She then spoke about her reasons for wanting to become a coach. “I had to read a lot of personal development books for a business I was involved with in the UK.,” she explained. “I loved reading them, and I noticed so many positive changes in my own life, that I wanted to share this experience with others. I had been providing a Christian care-giving service that involves reflective listening, and so the Diploma in Coaching was a natural step for me.

And my final question was on what she would say to someone who is considering using a coach? Her answer was simple. She said she would say, “You will only know how helpful it is when you give it a try. It is free during the month of December, so there is nothing to lose, and a wonderful opportunity to gain.”

December has just started so take advantage of the free life coaching deal. You have nothing to lose.

As Transitions Ltd’s official press release states: Change can be scary. Sometimes we may have the relevant knowledge for a new challenge, but we lack confidence or we hold limiting beliefs about ourselves. For this reason, Transitions Ltd will supply a variety of courses including: Communication Skills, Assertiveness, Self-esteem, Confidence as well as English for Business. Life Coaching can transform lives, giving individuals clarity, confidence, deeper meaning, and a sense of fulfilment. No matter what a client wants to achieve, one-on-one coaching can help to identify and set goals, as well as put in place action to reach those goals. The coaching is based on a relationship of confidentiality and trust. As we move from one stage of life to another, it is important to celebrate with our families, friends, and colleagues. Transitions Ltd will offer an event coordination service for weddings and parties. The service will be simple, efficient and good value.

If you want to know more about Transitions Ltd and to take advantage of the limited time free offer call Fiona on 946 9247,  text 323 9111 or email [email protected]






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