June 29, 2022

Letter to United Nations & World Governments

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We are more educated to pollute & harm the World (Project No.11, from S.Patnaik-India)

By S.K.Patnaik <[email protected]>

Apr 8 (1 day ago)

Dear United Nations & World Governments,

Due to our education system———>

The situation of the world is critical as terrorisms, global warming, nuclear testing, pollution, depression, diseases, etc…

Selfish and ego are the two only things seen in this world.

Actually Doctor’s profession is considered to be service to people, but now days most of them enter into Doctor’s profession just to for his/her selfish (money & status) but not for service. If we could find the top most serial killers in this world, then doctors’ will be the first. Due to their power position and cover, some killer doctors have racked up hundreds of victims

A nurse Niels Högel (aged 45) from Germany who is well educated about her profession, but she
murdered more than 90 patients. Than what is the value of a nurse training?

The education system in this world is in such way that it is impossible to see a lady like Mother Teresa for another millions of years.

Nowadays parents have become burden to the children. True story of India> A college professor killed his own mother by pushing her from the top of the terrace of his apartment. Just think what the students of today generation would learn from this type of professor.

One of the IIT Delhi professor Mr. Alok Sagar (PhD at Houston University in Texas, US) after being in service for 10-12 years, left his job as a professor and went to rural area to plant trees. If the education system is so good as far then why this Professor left job and decided just to plant trees (32 years) in those rural areas, as per no qualification required to plant trees.

The top terrorists of the world today aren’t they qualified?

If we could combine the 3 biggest libraries (British Library, Library of Congress, Libraryand Archives Canada) of the world the books would be more than 5 million. Is it necessary for a person to read all these books to become a social person?

Estonia, Netherlands, Finland are considered to be the most educated countries and more popular for their education. Is no crime happening in those countries and aren’t the people of these countries polluting the world….

Can we count a person to be educated only if he/she has a good knowledge in math, science, literature, etc…. (Or top degrees)

Highly educated peoples are also liars and cheaters too. If we will not change our education system – the lies, cheapness, selfishness and ego would enter into genes/DNA of our next generation, though which they would start fighting after birth, like hyena.

The education system of today’s world is utilised more for polluting the world than to develop it.

A great question — why people nowadays use their brain to harm others?

Education is one kind of software to human being; a wrong education is a virus to human brain.
Through vaccination we can save our child but we can’t save if the software is wrong programmed in our child brain. (Example: religious war)

Scientists/engineers are not at all required in today’s world…..we require mechanics to repair things for re-use.

Marketing people are the most dangerous people in this world. Those people are first and foremost to pollute the world. They are educating innocent people to pollute the world.

The United Nations should adapt/takeover the National Geographic, Discovery, Animal Planet, Nat Geo People, Travel XP , TLC and promote to the whole world free instead of keeping them as a choice of paying to educate the world about our world & universe.

United Nations should also adopt the book/magazine like “Reader’s digest” and promote them cheaply all over the world without any advertisement and topics about politics should be banned. True story of real hero should only be mentioned in it. Those books should be published first in the countries where terrorist are more in number and where crime is more. And also should be published in all the languages as far as possible (like Quran/Koran in 145 languages).

United Nations also require a non-political, non-paying and zero-advertisement news channels to educate world.

Education system of world should be modified in such way that social nature should be filled into the minds of the children (up to 16 years) without the help of any religious books.

Later on, I would expose the name of another book which would promote peace in the world. (A non-royalty free book)

Most Respectfully,
Sanjay Kumar Patnaik,
Plot No.918/1758, Gandhi Nagar 10th Lane,
Brahmapur, Ganjam, Odisha, India, Pin-760001
[email protected] & [email protected]

CC to: United Nation, UNICEF, WFP, WHO, UN Ambassadors, World Bank, parliament members of Germany, parliament members of U.K, parliament members of France, parliament members of Switzerland, parliament members of Italy, parliament members of Sweden, parliament members of Netherlands, parliament members of Spain, parliament members of Ireland, parliament members of Norway, parliament members of Denmark, parliament members of Belgium, parliament members of European Parliament, parliament members of Canada, parliament members of Mexico, parliament members of Guatemala, parliament members of Brazil, parliament members of Colombia, parliament members of Peru, parliament members of Argentina, parliament members of Israel, parliament members of South Africa, parliament members of Australia, parliament members of New Zealand, parliament members of India and rest countries Government Heads.

“Only governments are able to change this world”


IMAGE: Inside Higher Ed

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