July 29, 2021

Letter to the Editor from Anon

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Non-Profit Organizations receiving Grant Monies Must Be Audited at least Twice a Year

Joining the heated discussion of corruption in the nation-building fund. Why don’t the Auditor general audit these local churches in the Cayman Islands making them accountable for how all these millions of dollars in grants were spent?

I am a Christian believer, and I believe churches should be funded but with a contingency. There must be attachments, Do not hand them a blank check to do as they please with no accountability.

In America, non-profit organizations like churches receive monies in grants from the government every year. The Feds pay them a visit 3 or 4 times a year! They don’t tell them they’re coming! The Feds are always watching that money making sure the money is used to enhance the lives of people in those communities, making life better for them. The money has to be spent within that year or they would not receive anymore. They do not play around with taxpayers’ money in the hands of churches that have pastors that play little games with the members and their pocket books.

The grant monies received can be used for: –

Paying a small salary for employment of individuals working for the churches or     organizations.

Financial Assistance in paying Utility bills such as: –

Water Bill

Electric Bill

Garbage fees,

School Fees

Other emergency facing an unemployed member of a church or community

Also Rental Assistance

School lunches

Clothing or assistance with school uniforms

Other sundry bills that church members or

Walk-ins Off the street may request emergency assistance from these non-profit organizations as the needs arise.

These are the real reasons millions of dollars in government grants to churches and other non-profit organizations are intended for: If this is not happening, then its time for government to distribute the monies themselves or only allocate such monies to those proven to put the money back into the community.

It’s not for preachers to enrich themselves, hiding it in Switzerland, or running around in expensive cars, flaunting our dollars in the faces of poor and needy people.

Jesus said we must take care of widows and the orphans, and the poor. Too often the widow has a list of preachers waiting with hand out to her for them to get their share of the poor widow’s inheritance. Leaving her in a state of poverty, minus a big chunk winding up in their hands!

Do any of these preachers even know who the widows and orphans are in their congregation?  I think not, only if the husband dies and leaves a big insurance policy to be cashed in! Then she becomes a celebrity for contributing the biggest offering!

My advice to you widows, “HOLD ONTO YOUR MONEY” it’s all you have. Pay your tithe but take care of No. 1. Pinch your pennies.

Its time to hold these churches accountable for creating jobs and putting people back to work. Yes they can buy land grow crops on farms to be harvested and sell in the marketplace, they can open up factories and hire tailors and a seamstress to train them to make clothing. They can hire secretaries, IT techs, office clerks, Pay people to sit on the prayer line, Pay the youth pastors a decent salary so he and his young family do not have to struggle while the Senior pastor flaunts his Versa chi and Armani suits and drives a Rolls-Royce.   These churches can open up trade schools and secretarial schools to train our young people making them self sufficient and ready for the work place. But they just will not let go of those millions of dollars. They have become greedy and want more and more money, for what? . Oh its time to write a book   about these guys.

Many goods and services we hold government accountable for should be distributed from the churches.

What business does any church have with $5million dollars in a bank account? We only have a population of 52,000, and 99 churches!  Its time to audit them and get some of that money back if it is not used to help the struggling poor jobless Caymanians who the churches could have employed as well.

Judgment must begin in the house of God. The time is now! Its time for an audit.

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