October 30, 2020

Letter to the Editor: Call for secret service police protection


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George A. McCarthy

The subject of secret service protection for the highest ranking government officials in the Cayman Islands (exempting the governor and Premier and Deputy)  is being ignored, overlooked to the detriment of the country and its local and national security.  It is unfortunate and I feel saddened that our former Chief secretary and deputy governor  the former Hon. George McCarthy and his family has had to endure so much pain and disruption, and inconvenience at this time in his life.

Mr. McCarthy our former Deputy Governor is now the CIMA Chairman of the Monitory Authority, this is an exceptionally high ranking post and its time consideration be made for the implementation of some sort of 24 hour secret service police protection for high ranking government officials in our society.

For the planning department and or residents in his neighborhood to suggest that the fence that Mr. McCarthy constructed to secure his home to protect his family from burglars who targeted his home, masked and unmasked. They also stalked and staked out his home  lay waiting in more than one vehicle outside his home. This is very serious conditions one should be expected to not live under.

For residents nearby to suggest that Mr. McCarthy’s fence he constructed to protect his home and family  would not only be a sore eye but send a bad message that there is crime in Cayman is not only inaccurate but totally insane and out of touch with reality. There is much more crime taking place in Cayman than is being reported and  to deny a citizen of these islands the right to protect himself from criminals is not only unfair but cruel.

I think that the planning department should have been more considerate and more respectful seeing that Mr. McCarthy is a former Deputy Governor of the Cayman Islands, a man of integrity, good morals and exceptional good judgment having proven himself as a well respected individual in our society.

In my opinion as a former highest ranking civil servant Mr. McCarthy is well qualified for body guard or Cayman Islands or British secret service  police protection the same  as in other countries who take care of and protect  high ranking officials.  It is high time that the Cayman Islands government security systems stop playing games with people who hold, or formerly held very important offices in our government, since they are at a very high  risk for many different reasons. Sometimes they are threatened by  phone calls or anonymous letters. As Mr. McCarthy is a former Chief Secretary and Financial secretary and Deputy Governor, these are very high ranking positions and it is irresponsible on the part of the UK to  turn  a blind eye or allow our Cayman Islands government  to not provide and put in place the much needed security measures, to protect civil servants of these high ranks from hoodlums and criminals who may be used to carry out the orders of crooked politicians who may want to target these former civil servants in hope of covering up some of their unscrupulous or greedy sins dating back to way back when or where, we’ll probably never know.

FCO Minister Henry Bellingham

I am convinced that the former Deputy Governor is being targeted. In lieu of the manner in which the country is being run and the number of anti-corruption cases mounting, there are greedy sharks out there that will do anything and everything to cover up their wrongdoing even if it means targeting innocent and honest people.

I call on the FCO Minister Mr. Billingham in the UK to  instruct the Cayman Islands government to  provide some sort of  secret service 24 hours a day protection for these  high ranking level officials such as the former Hon. Mr. George McCarthy who was former Deputy Governor of the Cayman Islands and is now the CIMA Chairman of the Monitory Authority. We look pretty stupid and irresponsible in the eyes of the world  having these people move around in and amongst  our society unprotected. Its time to change that situation and make things right.

Its is high  time for the UK to ensure that the Cayman Islands now move into maturity in our local and national security systems and concede to the global standards of local and national security for our country and for our people. The governor, the Premier and the deputy premier are not the only high ranking officials that need protection in the Cayman Islands. We call on the UK to act quickly in this matter.

Dr. Florence Goring-Nozza

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