September 25, 2020

Letter to the Editor: by Anon


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The Opposition leader is now on our last nerve, apparently suffering from a severe case of amnesia.

As one writer puts it:

Are these die hard PPM supporters willing to draw reference to the memory of Dart paying civil servants for a full 4 months because of the PPM’s incompetence!

I have never heard of this in my life! Then no wonder he’s getting what he wants.

Did you all hear that? we are reminded that Dart paid civil servants salaries for a whopping 4 months because of the PPM’s incompetence! Someone please Tell me this is not true!  and they have a nerve to criticize the budget crisis?!

Is that what you want to happen again or do you want progress and development? Do you want to go back to work or just continue drinking the PPM juice and remain jobless while they work you to death sending you around the island with an OMOV petition and no pay? Maybe a pack of cigarettes and a bottle of beer here and there!  This is exploitation of the poor and helpless..

It’s time to sober up. This is reality. The UDP is working to put the country back on its feet whereas the PPM had knocked it off its feet with reckless spending leaving the country broke

Let us now forget about the party politics and begin to reason with ourselves.

Does it make sense to you for us bring back the PPM to do a number on us all over again?

The answer is “NO!”

I’d say we need to remind people of this at every opportunity.

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