October 25, 2020

Letter to the Editor: Bully guards at Fairbanks


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iNews received a letter in the post marked for my attention containing photocopies of two reports another Cayman newspaper carried concerning a disturbing incident at Her Majesty’s Prison Fairbanks. The note attached to it said simply: “Colin. Love iNews. Why are you not on this story of the bully guards at Fairbanks? This incident is disgusting. A reader.”

Editor’s Reply: I agree 100% with the writer, the aforementioned incident was disgusting and I am, of course, delighted the ‘reader’ loves iNews.

The investigative report of the incident, concerning a search of three 18 year old female prisoners at Fairbanks on the 4th December 2010, during a hunt for a cellphone was well covered and there was little we could add to it.

We will most certainly be contacting H.E. Governor Duncan Taylor for an update and inquiring if any disciplinary action has or will be taken against the officers concerned in the search. If it is true that the way the search was executed (by two officers lifting an inmate up, taking her naked out of the showers, putting her on the ground, one officer on her head whilst another on her body and another “going through my parts – you could say”) was in retaliation for writing a letter of complaint against ‘lazy’ officers and certain prison rules, then something is seriously wrong at the Fairbanks facility.

At your suggestion we will be executing our own investigation. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.






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