November 26, 2020

Letter to the Editor – Anon

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This morning on Rooster I heard a discussion of the FOI findings that were filed by Mr. Woody Foster. I was so disappointed that The Hon. Rolston Anglin, Minister for education worked so hard to cover-up the obvious.

I would say to Mr. Anglin, “just Cut the crap and acknowledge what is really going on…You cannot protect failing teachers who produce failing students and blame it all on the parents and the child.”

Every teacher in the classroom does not necessarily have the skill to reach the students. Some of them are merely taking up space that a skillful teacher should have. My child a valedictorian grad from Primary and Excellent performance in middle school was failing Math in High School! He kept telling me “Mummy my teacher cannot teach geometry and she cannot teach Algebra, she can barely speak English, and the children says she does not know what she is doing and barely knows the lesson herself!”  Maybe this is what is happening, there are Unqualified Teachers just there for the job and benefits, trying to teach our kids Math and other subject and therefore if the teacher is naive to math so will be the students. A student is only as good as his master. Not better!

I took it upon myself as an involved parent with my son’s education and had his math teacher changed. My son went from “Failing Math, including Geometry and Algebra to Passes in Algebra and Geometry as first in his class with grades of all “A’s”!!

It was not the parent, it was not the student’s fault, he had an incompetent illiterate teacher trying to teach him and the other student’s math and they were complaining about her.

His new teacher was a Man that had great command of the principles and calculations of Mathematics across the board.  He is a Math Wizard, when he teaches Math you understand what he is talking about. When his name is called other faculty members  “tremble!” He has a $500% success rating where teaching math is concerned and where other teachers have failed!

So Rolston get with the acknowledgement program of where the real problem is.

Either you can teach or Not!

Rolston please test your Teachers mathematical skills before you put them in the classroom.

By the way statistics show that in the 21st century, in order to compete in the global economy, students must excel in passes of the Sciences, Math, Computer science and technology, and the Medical Health field. So our young people need to be oriented to these areas of study just so they don’t waste their time going abroad studying in areas that are not in demand and cannot find a job on their return back home. If we are to control our financial industry we must excel in Science, Math, and English.

So Rolston get the right teachers in the classroom. Its not just teaching, its ‘REACHING” those students.


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