September 20, 2020

Letter to the Editor


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From Anonymous

I just took a look at the documents released by CNS.

Mr. Brian White (Ed: actually Wight) a disgruntled realtor seemingly, says he was paid $10,000 only as a mediator. I’m sure wanting a bigger piece of the pie, (can’t blame him) and he presented his sworn statement or affidavit to RCIP.

But there’s one huge problem with his statement. It is primarily  “Hear say” in itself! He’s only stating to the police mainly what someone else relayed to him. What Ron Zimmer Said, etc, etc,

“Hear say” cannot go to court as the old folks say!

Again, there is nothing in the statement that incriminates the premier.

What Mr. White (Wight) should explain as a realtor in the business for at least two decades or more… that:

real estate sales involving mega bucks such as this one, with some described parcels of land where zoning is an issue;  Indeed many of these sales are more than often contingent upon “PLANNING APPROVAL!

If the zoning is not approved there is no sale! Why, because the land would have no proper use of value to the buyer…..again, just because the average Joe does not understand all ramifications involved with property sales, does not mean that we should try to paint the premier to be somebody that he is not in the eyes of those who do not understand real estate sales or how it works. It is just not fair and very misleading.

May I interject that whether Mr. Bush, yourselves or anyone else selling property that is contingent upon Planning approval (involving rezoning): That at the time planning has approved the zoning, the next step is to notify the buyer that planning has approved the zoning and that the remaining balance of commission or consulting fees or whatever is now due for payment!

I cannot believe that a real estate contract is now dubbed the new political “football”! this is so ludicrous!

So as one with knowledge in real estate affairs, guys I can tell you, this was obviously a sale that was contingent upon planning approval. These contracts are written with the appropriate language stipulating that the sale is only contingent or made good upon Planning approval! At that point the buyer is required to pay up any outstanding monies to the real estate firm.

So what is all this rhetoric about, it is about money and politics

Sorry, but none of those documents released by CNS on today (14) is enough to incriminate the Premier.

No wonder the RCIP is not pursuing this, they know better. If they dare go after the premier with this kind of misleading information I dare say not only Judge Henderson will walk away to the bank laughing with a Million Dollar check or maybe more….so will the Premier.

Sorry, but the opponents lost this one again…


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