January 31, 2023

Letter to the Editor

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From Derek Haines

The high number of road accidents over the festive period strongly indicate that the standard of driving by some folks still rarely reaches the level of appalling.

On my running travels I see numerous bad habits and I offer some advice as follows:

Speeding. Please observe the limit, and also drive according to conditions (weather, traffic etc.).

Road signs. Please observe. A STOP sign is not discretionary. What bit of it do you not understand? Maybe a rude word above STOP will help. Imagine it is there.

Lights. Use from dusk through dawn and whenever conditions reduce visibility (We need to see you too).

Indicators. These are the orange flashing lights on each corner of your vehicle. They work when you move the little stick on your steering column up or down. It helps us to know if you are turning.

Traffic islands. If there are two lanes on approach and you are in the nearside or left hand lane you can turn left or go straight on. If you turn right you will be T-boned. If in the offside or right hand lane you can go straight on, turn right or go back on the opposite lanes. You cannot turn left or you will be T-boned. See indicator advice above.

Dual carriageways. Unless overtaking or turning right in the near future, drive in the nearside or left hand lane. Observe the speed limit. Usually 40 mph and, believe it or not, never over 50 mph.

Cyclists, runners and pedestrians. Please give these road users plenty of room when you pass. Slow down, especially when there is oncoming traffic on narrow roads like South Sound. The brake pedal is next to the accelerator.

Phones. Please do not use either to speak or text. If you do, your vehicle will behave like windscreen wipers and you will wipe someone out. I will be very cross if it is me.

Overtaking, If there is a solid painted line in the middle of the road you are breaking the law if you cross it; or if you park alongside the road where there is one.

Derek Haines

Derek Haines MBE, QPM, CPM,


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