February 21, 2020

Letter to the Editor


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Is justice obtainable in the Bahamas against and the Government via a judiciary that is not independent and brazenly, blatantly corrupt?

Dear Decent Law Abiding people, advocates of the Rule of Law, Order, Justice and Constitution of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas and Fellow Victims.

RE: Can Justice be obtained via a exposed corrupt unaccountable judiciary scandalously blatantly aiding and abetting National Insurance Board and the to defraud a Court of Appeal ratified partially paid judgement creditor while causing further aggravated criminal havoc.

Attached are copies of two letters dated 10th March, 2014 from me to the Registrar of the Supreme Court, Mrs. and the Registrar of the Court of Appeal, Mrs. Indira Demeritte- Francis that are self-explanatory. There has been no response to the above- mentioned entitle requests.

Ironically, on 5th October 2000 as then assistant Registrar of the Supreme Court, it was Mrs. Indira Demeritte who before a witness, Mr. Marvin Delancy, verified the validity of my consent default Judgement against Aviva PLC, that I was the May 1987 statutory assignee of Franklin Chemicals Ltd the 1st Defendant rights and benefits in their unlimited employers liability policy and rights and chose in action, in the action itself. She further verified me as the sole party with legal interest in the judgement debt (protected U.K. policy proceeds) and the validity of the out of Court compromise and agreed multi- billion dollars U.S. cost and damages. At the time she was unaware that NIB and the Bahamas Government were concurrent tort feasors fully liable for the same damages. Subsequently to evade certifying the already verified validity of the out of Court agreed sums she evaded the continued assessment hearing and later recuse herself from the matter. She had warned me at the Hearing that I should allow the non-party (Aviva PLC) to intervene if I wanted to get ahead with this matter.

Then in 2009 as Registrar of the Court of Appeal she repeatedly ignored my requests to settle the records and for pertinent information prior to my Court of Appeal hearing 8th December 2009. She was aware that if the records were settled Senior Justice John Lyons subsequent void contrary 19th February 2009 fraudulent judgement totally contradicting his original 12th of February ruling that NIB owed me billion of dollars would be omitted. In any event the Attorney General Office fully aware that the above- mentioned fraud on the Court was expose refused to file the fraudulent judgement or bring a copy to court. Yet the Court of Appeal Justice’s illegally allowed it to be entered via a copy I had, while ignoring the dismissal of NIB application 16th July 2008, and the already admitted fact that NIB was an existing company under the Companies Action.

Also ironically on the 16th July, 2008 despite allowing NIB to belatedly illegally intervene on my unopposed petition contrary to the winding-up rules due to conclusive evidence Supreme Court Registrar Mrs. Donna Newton dismissed fraudulent application to strike out my winding up petition against them and verified me as the multi- billion dollars U.S. partially paid judgement creditor. She then illegally refuse to order the winding up of NIB, placed a gag order on me and recused herself, after I accused her of being very bias. In the subsequent hearings before the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal the above dismissal order etc. of the Supreme Court Registrar were completely, willfully, illegally and fraudulently ignored.

Presently the illegal and criminal actions by the Registrars of the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal etc. to pervert the cause of Justice continues.

Also attached dated 25th October 2013 is my Summons Pursuant to Article 28 of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas 1973 for a hearing against National Insurance Board before the Honourable Justice Ian Winder the 22nd April, 2014 at 10:00 a.m. in the morning. My affidavit in support with conclusive evidence against all persons dated and filed 6th December 2013 is also attached.

Justice Mensah of Ghana during a public lecture to mark the 11th Constitution week celebration in 2011 stated: “While the armed robber takes his ugly weapon to terrorize innocent people, the corrupt judge uses his uncontrolled propensity to steal under the table thereby robbing a litigant of his verdict. Hence a corrupt judge is worse than an armed robber yet not accountable.” He also stated: “Indeed if the judiciary is not criticized constructively and held accountable, like any other public institution, it will turn into a cesspit of corruption, incompetence, protracted delays of cases, lethargy, apathy and the bane of basic tenets of democratic values. The above mentioned has already happened to the Judiciary in the Bahamas and I am speaking from personal numerous experiences, which is why I have exposed it, and I am continually fighting it.

Hopefully in accordance with the law and justice my recent entitled requests to Mrs. Donna Newton Registrar of the Supreme and Mrs. Indira Demeritte- Francis Registrar of the Court of Appeal are promptly complied with prior to and well before the above mentioned hearing.

May the Rule of Law, Order, Justice and Constitution of the Bahamas prevail, with the Order that NIB pay me my partially paid outstanding damages and checks by a certain date, or National Insurance Board and Bahamas Government immediately pay my generous settlement offer to resolve this matter.


Anthony M. Wright.

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