January 31, 2023

Letter to the Editor

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url1From Anthony Wright Monday December 21 2015

Subject: Fwd: Obvious Reasons For Minister Of State For Legal Affairs Hon. Damian Gomez To Resign From The Bahamas Cabinet And The Current Bleak Future Of Baha Mar And The Bahamas.

Dear Officials of UN, Commonwealth Int, OAS, OECD, OECS, CARICOM, IMF, World Bank, IDB, EXIM Bank, Transparency Int, Amnesty Int.,International Business Community, News Media, Law Abiding People and All and Sundry:

RE: Minister of State for Legal Affairs Hon. Damian Gomez to Resign from The Bahamas Cabinet after three and a half years due to international disclosure of his blatant conflict of interest and betrayal regarding my unopposed accruing over 520 billion US etc. collection matters against the National Insurance Board and Government of The Bahamas. With the extremely XXXXXXX Bahamian Judiciary now criminally withholding my two unopposed Supreme Court ex debito justitiae 2008 winding up order and 2013 receivership order via article 28 of The Bahamas Constitution against NIB and The Bahamas Government.

The abovementioned parties and all and sundry, now have conclusive documented evidence that Damian Gomez was my collection attorney against NIB and the Government, prior to becoming the Minister of State for Legal Affairs in the Office of the Attorney General. Prime Minister Perry Christie, Deputy Prime Minister Philip Davis, and Attorney General Allyson Maynard Gibson, knew it was a blatant conflict of interest and that the government was using fraud to steal my private property.But that is how unethical,envious and corrupt politicians especially lawyers are in The Bahamas.

As a result of the abovementioned, Hon. Damian Gomez betrayed me and the ordinary Bahamians (whom it is my plan to help), by refusing to follow my written instructions, breached his contract with me, and had his Firm return my files.At the time he was unaware that my statutory assigned,garnished and protected partially paid multi billion dollars US etc. UK policy proceeds (judgment debt), is guaranteed by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme in the Uk.As a result he inadvertently threw away a undisputed multi billion dollars US etc. collection commission.which is why he no longer wanted to be in cabinet or the Office of the Attorney General.Also he realized that my plans and vision for the Bahamas were extremely viable from 2002 and the perilous situation of the Bahamas and our people, could have been avoided from at less a decade ago.

Hence, the Bahamas Cabinet now had three of my former attorneys whom all prior to taking my collection matters verified that the National Insurance Board and Bahamas Government , Aviva PLC and Canada Life concurrent tortfeasors, all owed me the accepted and agreed partially paid accruing now with interest over 520 billion US dollars etc. statutory protected and assigned to me. Statutory assigned to me via the third Parties Rights Against Insurers) Act 1930 and protected via the Policy Holders Protection Act 1975 and guaranteed by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme in the UK. Also protected and guaranteed by the Bahamas Government via subsection 45(1) of the National Insurance Act as ratified by the Bahamas Court of Appeal. I have to review the situation in Canada because I have not corresponded with the Authorities there in quite a while.In addition my ownership of the above mentioned over 520 billion dollars US etc.statutory garnished undisputed debt have been further ratified by the Bahamas Supreme Court and Court of Appeal.

The above mentioned attorneys who betrayed me and this Nation are: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Also in the Cabinet is XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX who also acknowledged all of the above mentioned to me in a meeting in his office. All of the above mentioned were further admitted and confessed by the above parties via my unopposed, uncontroverted affidavits, submissions, and appeal filed in the Bahamas Supreme Court Registry and now in the possession of all and sundry which is conclusive evidence against all the world of the magnitude of my accruing statutory assigned protected properties.

Hence, you have four Ministers of the Bahamas Cabinet that have verified as my former attorneys, Minister and Chairman of National Insurance now admit and confessed further as Cabinet Members that the National Insurance Board and Bahamas are statutory and absolutely insolvent from 1994. Yet these evil confessed inhumane kleptocrats, enviously refused to settle in the public interest and instead have the extremely XXXXXXX Bahamian Judiciary criminally continue to withhold my unopposed ex debito justitiae winding up and receivership Supreme Court Orders against NIB and the Bahamas Government. Not withstanding the fact that the matters are now exposed to the UN, Commonwealth Int., OECD, OAS, CARICOM etc., and the world.Whom all now have conclusive evidence that established me as owner.

In the Interim with the help of the XXXXXXX news media in the Bahamas, they continue to lie about the National Debt, Annual Budget, NIB and Government insolvency and the established fact that I am the owner of all government assets and equity. WIth them stealing my private property to pay themselves, family, friends, colleagues, cronies, and run this Nation.

Due to the abovementioned and my letter dated 20th July 2015 to Prime Minister Perry Christie and all and sundry with pertinent indisputable public documents attached, including my two unrebutted, unopposed affidavits; Minister of State for Legal Affairs conflicted conscience shamed and pricked him. He then removed himself as the governments lead attorney, in their desperate criminal conspiracy with the Chinese to defraud the developer Sarkis Izmirlian of Baha Mar of his private property. Which is why since exposure, the government now continues to adjourn to different dates, the winding up hearing against Baha Mar. Because they have no assets, equity, no locus standi, crownland, or authority to give concession via any heads of agreement. Therefore since everything they have done is based on fraud, any court orders or heads of agreement etc. are all void. Which is why the China EXIM Bank and their receivers do not know what to do since the insolvent Government did not own the crown land given to Baha Mar or anything else in The Bahamas or elsewhere. The bottom line is, I want the developer in charge of the Baha Mar with his equity intact.Because he is concerned about the ordinary Bahamian people, have put his money effort and heart into Baha Mar and it is his vision.Whereas the exposed confessed inhumane kleptocrats destroying the Bahamas are only interested in plundering investors,the public and remaining in power;whatever that is since the government is insolvent and do not own anything.The China EXIM Bank will act as a bank,and is not concerned about Bahamian People as have been proven.

Ordinary people do not understand commercial law,acceptance,partially paid undisputed debt,commercial court rulings, further ratification by a court of appeal,the ultimate power of a unrebutted affidavit, statutory assignments and garnishment, statutory protection and surety, multibillion US dollars etc. properties, unprecedented certified valid serious criminal charges and allegations along with voluntary admissions and confessions via unprecedented amount of the criminal and corrupt political and legal elite etc.in the Bahamas.But the China Exim Bank,other above mentioned parties and the international business do.They all are also aware, that this world is run via commercial law and that no among of silence,delusion or deception by the government,news media,church leaders or anybody else in the Bahamas will change that.

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, Prime Minister Perry Christie is also a XXXXXXXXXXXX XXXX. He XXXX about the reason Damian Gomez ceased representing the government in their attempt to wind up Baha Mar and he is now XXXXX about the reason the Minister of State for Legal Affairs resigned from his cabinet. He said it is for financial reason, which Damian Gomez refuted in the House of Assembly by saying he resigned for ethical and personal reasons; which is much closer to the truth. The Prime Minister also continually XXXX to the Bahamian public regarding promises he never intend to keep. He is definitely a ——— and a corrupt XXXXXXXX, as portrayed in a portrait by a young enlightened Bahamian artist at a art exhibit in the Central Bank Of The Bahamas.

My unopposed unrebutted affidavits, submissions, along with the Supreme Court and Court of appeal rulings are final in law and commerce, hence, I have given you all overwhelming conclusive unopposed uncontroverted public documented evidence filed in The Bahamas Supreme Court Registry that established the abovementioned unique facts. Yet, instead of getting rid of these kleptocrats destroying this Nation; hypocritical and corrupt Bahamian XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and other institutions continue to conceal the above historic matters from ordinary Bahamians and allow these confessed inhumane criminals to speak from their XXXXXX and have them seated at the front in their institutions, further disgracing this Nation.

Merry Christmas to all, and I hope the New Year brings some positive changes to the world and this Nation in great peril. Please view my attached criminally politically obstructed 2002 viable solution, to the now out of control corruption, crime, and National debt etc. of the Bahamas.That the expose inhumane greedy envious kleptocrats criminally obstructed to the detriment of the Bahamas and it’s people.

Yours truly,
Anthony M. Wright

EDITOR: THE VIEWS AND STATEMENTS IN THE ABOVE ARE Anthony M. Wright‘s own. We have redacted many of the opinions expressed for legal reasons. We apologise to Mr Wright for the length of time taken to publish this letter. The letter has been sent to a host of media houses, some of which have published it with no redaction.

We have no opinion either for or against in any of the above matters contained in the above letter nor by publishing the letter do we imply we agree with writer.

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