October 27, 2020

Letter to the Editor


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Dear Sir,

I refer to the complaint from the Overseas Minister and read same with great interest. He is apparently upset at the Caymanians negative comments regarding the events happening in the Islands.

The British do not invest in these islands and only use the island, and I find his comments upsetting.  It is time to call a Spade a Spade and clearly state that the problems lie at the feet of his own people who have taken over our islands. The bad judgment of those who have been sent here to govern has made us even more disgruntled.Of course the Caymanians are negative can you blame them? Let me highlight some of the reasons:

• Can any island withstand the likes of the former Governor Stuart Jack? Has Britain paid back the money he wasted?

• Most of The British come here as ordinary working class persons, who could not make it in England (not members of the elite) and mint money. They do not integrate with the local people, and treat us like 2nd class citizens.

• The law firms do not hire local attorneys and when they do they are downright insulting.

• It is pathetic to see them lauding it over all – they love being big fish in a small pond.

• The overseas office permits the judiciary to continue without transparency.

• The Legal Department is an extra parish of Jamaica, and can’t win
a case.

• Police Officers sent out here from Britian to clean up crime spend 4 days out of 7 on the beach relaxing and carousing. They are thrust on us by the British, and no one apologises to the people.

• Chief Justice not asked to account for or explain

• Badly behaved members of the Judiciary,who indulge in excesses in their social life

• Appointment of officers from abroad over Caymanians: (i.e. secretaries etc.) while Governors appointed by England do nothing.

• Recently 3 alleged murderers convicted by a Judge. Court of Appeal lets them go, without even ordering a retrial. Has Governor asked for a report in view of the crime rate?

• The laughable rate of convictions giving the Island a very bad imiage – nothing done about it by the Governor.

These complaints land right at the feet of the British appointed representative. Caymanians can’t get work and the local profesionals are forced to go into businesses on their own.  Can you wonder why we are disgruntled?  If Britian needs money, then it must earn it itself, not tell us to curtail our justifiable complaints. Why not talk to their own to change their attitude. India kicked out the British, and went through hell, but today it is so Supreme that it is considered a mighty power.

We need investment, but we also need our country back and our dignity and voice. It is upsetting when someone abroad, tells us not to speak out.  This is our land and we need to be happy. Is freedom of expression only for the UK?

 Ezmie Smith

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