December 5, 2020

Letter to the Editor

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Regarding the removal of Lord Blencathra from being Cayman’s representative in the UK.

Maybe Lord Blencathra is not Liberal enough for the FCO???

Here these jerks come again talking about investigating the OT’s in the Caribbean. How about cleaning up their own filth that stinks worldwide? The UK should use that money on themselves from start to finish, as they are a disgrace and the most notorious Bully.

However, as a people we must not allow the British to come to our shores and again destroy the reputation of the Cayman Islands with prefabricated accusations to suit their own liberal agenda.

If they knew how predictable they are they would run and hide. I can predict their every move.

I guess since Big Mac is such a threat to them getting their liberal gay and lesbian homosexual agenda through that 99% of that money will be used to keep him from running for office both in 2013 throughout 2016 as he may be too old or retired by that time. These UK bullies are some shrewd operators.

It is how high time for the Caymanian people to seriously consider Independence from the UK. Enough of this destruction of our territory.

They want Mac out of office so badly that they areeven stooping so low and are now willing to foot the tab this time instead of letting us pay for their Tempura now brewing and gearing up to dump these unknowns on our shores starting their entertainment activities at the local pubs and posing on the back of the RCIP boats having fun. Curious to see what a prefabricated illustration looks like coming from this UK camp.

Hope the Daily Mail follows them here to do a story on their lousy activities. The British are cheap skates, they want everyone to pay for their own expenses, For the UK to pay for these probes, its an indication that they are ‘”DESPERATE TO HOLD ONTO THE TERRITORIES who may be gearing up to Free themselves from this political and economic slavery imposed upon them by the UK. Invite them to a party and they take home all your liquor and your food, while contributing very little or nothing at all.


To save their face in the UN the UK is calling this Anti corruption probe operation and methods as mere investigations and to fight corruption. Well kiss my grandma’s foot. What a big lie. It’s another pile of malarky leading to nowhere.

As one familiar with the UK dirt and their underhandedness and crookedness.

This is nothing short of 21srt century War declared on the territories with an attempt to enslave, intimidate, divide and conquer, to continue to control the territories and discourage them from going independent.

I call on the territories to form a federation for the Caribbean, build your own defense forces, your own national guards, your own, coastguards,  your own factories, your own Financial and Tourist industry, your own armies, and unite and defect from the UK, claiming independence and stop being kicked around by these white men from the UK. Free yourselves from mental slavery.

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