November 26, 2020

Letter to the Editor

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For the past few years I have kept silent and my fingers away from my keyboard when thinking about road safety issues.  I reached a firm decision on this as I was banging my head against a solid wall and voicing my thoughts in the media too often for comfort. I regret to advise you that I have had to do an about turn.

About eight or ten years ago the C.I. Road Safety Council highlighted the danger of road signage causing distractions to drivers on our roads. No one took any notice

For the last couple of years we have seen trucks belonging to broadcast stations parked on the side of the road when there is an outside broadcast being aired. These trucks have flashing lights and are sufficient danger to cause concern.

In the last couple of months we now see large electronic displays drawing drivers eyes off the road with an advertisement for beers, bars or even telling drivers to use headphones. (Using headphones whilst driving is in fact unlawful in Cayman, up until today that is).

Butterfield roundabout is probably the most difficult (dangerous) one on the island closely followed by what is generally known as Hurley’s roundabout. The central decorative part is currently under construction. It is understood that on the approach from every direction to this danger spot there will be a large electronic display. It is as if the designers thought to themselves, what is the most stupid and dangerous idea we can come up with.

It would be interesting to see what others think of this issue. Colin Wilson, the Editor of iNews was with me on the Road Safety Council when it first started; we both left together for the same reason, when it became a one-man band. E-mail myself on [email protected]

It is not too late for common sense to prevail.

Next time I write the subject will be using indicators when making a turn. What are indicators you say? These are the flashing lights on the corners of all vehicles used by less than five per cent of the drivers here. Watch this space.


Graham Walker

[email protected]

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