September 23, 2020

Letter to Editor: from Florence Goring-Nozza


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The PPM leader and the Independent member Mr. Miller seems to be suffering from a case of amnesia, and that the country and the entire Caribbean region was worried sick of the financial state of the Cayman Islands; when the UDP took over the reins in 2009.

The Premier is to be commended for undertaking such a hopeless situation as other prudent professionals/economists would indeed disassociate themselves from an inheritance of a bankrupt public purse for fear of being passed on the baton with an attached stigma, odious with gross overspending, abuse of the public purse, and improper planning including the construction of public schools etc.

This only means putting at risk one’s reputation, yes the premier has put his reputation on the line to fix the economy of the Cayman Islands.

Caymanians lets face it; most brilliant politicians would postpone running for office or even accepting the office of premier for fear of being stigmatized by inheriting an almost bankrupt government caused by the incompetence and reckless spending of the predecessors, i.e. PPM.

Our eyes need to be opened taking a keen look at what is really happening to the people of the Cayman Islands.

The PPM has contributed greatly in destroying the economy of the Cayman Islands.

In addition they have put every stumbling block in the way of any and all plans for development in the Cayman Islands that will create an environment that will create jobs and put people back to work.

The PPM and its leader is not mature enough to put aside partisan politics and unite for the good of the country and the people on creating jobs that will restore self sufficiency and dignity to our people who are 3,000 jobless and living in devastation.

Thus the government is forced to seek revenue from the work permit sources, while the opposition beat up their gums criticizing government for every proposal of development, very contentious and contemptuous. The PPM is also criticizing government for the work permit scenario while they have presented no plan to fix it.

As a matter of fact the PPM’s leadership has contributed greatly to the granting of 4000 status holders as they presented their list of their friends to the L.A. at the time the Cayman status was granted in 2004.The names of those people may be found in the Hansards of the L.A. Maybe we need to take a second look at the PPM and stop blaming Mr. Bush for the sins of the PPM they certainly share the blame.

Let us not forget the state of the public purse when the UDP took office in 2009.

We cannot replace a government with an incompetent PPM government that was the problem that was replaced.

For the PPM to urge people to again re-elect them to repeat the incompetence heralded in election 2009 is utter madness and they certainly are not playing with a full deck!

The PPM must realise that they are fast losing support from Independents as well as their so called diehard voters. People are sick and tired of the divisiveness and pulling down structures without the ability to construct an edifice is futile and unworthy of respect.

Most of us supported some of the criticism against government if we thought they were moving too fast or needed more public consultation, however, when we realized that the opposition HAD NO PLAN, we had to quickly shift our focus on helping the present government build the country instead of joining forces with those who can only contribute negativity and criticism, having no plan at all. To date the opposition has not presented a plan to the L.A. nor the public.

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