September 19, 2020

Letter to Editor: From CIFA Disciplinary Committee’s Message


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June 7th 2012

Dear Sir,

It is regrettable that it has become necessary to register my concerns along with those of my fellow members of the Cayman Islands Football Association Disciplinary Committee (“DC”), which emanate from the poor conduct displayed by team officials as well as players during the Cayman Islands Football Association (“CIFA”) 2011/2012 season.

The frequency at which verbal (and in at least one case, physical) abuse has been hurled at referees can only be fittingly described as a complete lack of regard for the integrity of the sport. Such lack of regard is further evidenced by the mounting caseload of incidents amongst players, the vast majority of which involve racial and discriminatory verbal abuse in addition to violent conduct.

What now appears to be an emerging theme of insolence and an attempt by certain repeat offenders who seemingly strive to bring the sport of football into disrepute will strictly not be tolerated. The DC has had to resort to the extreme measures, including imposing lifetime bans on certain players in our efforts to reverse this unfortunate trend within the various leagues.

I would like to take the opportunity to remind team officials as well as members of the various football clubs that the ability to play football is a privilege and not a right. This should serve as a permanent reminder that this jealously guarded privilege carries with it a high standard of responsibility which must at all times be assumed and exhibited by its beneficiaries.

As Chairman of the DC, I implore club managers and sponsors to give due consideration to these concerns and to be more discerning in their team selection process, which extends beyond the players on the pitch. This is a stern caution to all participating in the sport that the DC will take all the necessary action that is prescribed within the scope of its authority to radiate this disturbing occurrence.


Richard H. Barton

Chairman of the CIFA Disciplinary Committee


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