September 23, 2020

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From Florence Goring-Nozza

May 22, 2012

In reviewing governments announcement of their plan to overhaul the Cayman Islands the labor law by the end of the year. Let us keep government honest and ensure that this is not a political ploy but instead now compel them to roll up their sleeves and get to work. As the old folks say “Let them put their money where their mouth is.” I mean, get down into the trenches and start digging until they hit water. Life giving water for the people of the Cayman Islands in our case ‘JOB OPPORTUNITY” and security of job tenure.

A member of the local community has already recommended that $10 per hour is a more comprehensive minimum wage seeing that the Cayman Islands is boasting to be one of the leading financial centers of the world, and a major player in the global market. How then can a measly  $5.00 minimum wage be acceptable in light of all the wealth being secured in this jurisdiction? This is an insult to the people’s intelligence whether local worker or work permit holder! Everyone must be able to exist from their wages, not co-exist like sardines packed in a can! What happened to our dignity?

Government has had more than enough time to make the changes necessary to create an environment that will create jobs for our people and put people back to work, to date this has not happened, they have not lifted a finger.

I note that there is no mention by the Director of Labor on how labor office will collaborate with the Work Permit Board and Immigration board that will convince the Caymanian people that this is a true plan of action that will indeed happen

Government must also understand that empty promises will not work. Overhauling the law by the end of 2012 is a failure in itself. Election is but five months away in May 2013 from December 2012. This is unacceptable, it is a promise and not a real plan backed with action! People have suffered too much for too long and to prolong the overhauling process until the end of 2012 is nothing but a prescription for the demise of the UDP and another stage of governments continued grandstanding performance.

No government has ever been elected on a record of high unemployment of its indigenous population as what exists in the Cayman Islands today.

Mr. Rolston Anglin, Minister of Education and Labor made a statement last week on Rooster, that his plan is for long term results. My question to Mr. Anglin is, just how long a term are you talking about?  you have already been lucky enough to be elected to serve for three (3) terms Eleven Years, to be exact, how much more time do you think we should allow you to pander on the plight of poor people?  can’t you see that our people are living in constant poverty being unemployed while work permit holders sit in their jobs. We can not blame the Expats, it is government that truly is the blame for this plight.

should we give Mr. Anglin another four years?

The days of hoodwinking our people is over and has come to an end. Its time for the Labor Director together with Mr. Anglin working with the Chairman of the Work Permit Board and Immigration Board to quickly draft a plan for SHORT TERM AS WELL AS LONG TERM EMPLOYMENT FOR THE PEOPLE OF THE CAYMAN ISLANDS!

Enough is enough! People are taking back their stuff, they are taking back what the government took from them; it is their dignity found in job opportunity, which enables an individual to live with integrity. There is far too much psychological, social and economic damage being inflicted upon our people living with the lack of job opportunity.

It’s time government PUT CAYMANIANS BACK TO WORK!


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