June 29, 2022

Letter: Donald Trump, the only millionaire existing in the United States

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Letter to Caribbean News Now

Dear Sir:

Recently, the New York Times published an article titled “The eleven facts you should know about Trump’s fortune”, written by Russ Buettner, Susanne Craig and David Barstow.

It is evident that this article is aimed at eroding the figure of Trump with a view to the partial elections of November, as if he himself did not erode it frequently. The article argues that a good part of Trump’s fortune, $400 million, he inherited from his father, who could leave that inheritance thanks to the mishandling he did in his business, tax evasion and others.

Naturally, other press organs have joined the crusade, especially if the Democrats win in the November elections, which take them into consideration, among those who contributed to the Trump defeat. Of the other millionaires existing in the United States, whose fortunes have been forged using the same procedures used by Trump’s father, no mention is made.

The article in the New York Times has the same effect as if we were starting to throw stones in a town whose houses have a glass roof, including the houses of the millionaire owners of that newspaper.

Will Donald Trump be the only millionaire whose family, through shady deals, could accumulate millions of dollars?

Have the other millionaires in the United States, who number in the thousands, accumulated their fortune through sacrifice, their own effort, dedication to work and saving a part of the cents they earned every day?

In 1962, the publisher Harcourt Brace & World, Inc. of New York City published the book “The Robber Barons”, which reflects an investigation carried out by Matthew Josephson on the great American capitalists and their activities since 1861 to 1901. The first time I read that book, I knew that, behind the millions of dollars, there was a past full of crime, murder, extortion, fraud, violation of laws and all kinds of ruthless action by people with the most illustrious surnames of the American society.

In this book you will learn how John Jacob Astor, founder of the American Fur Company, made a great fortune buying fur from the Indians, to whom he also sold liquor and weapons with which they fought against the American troops. His son, William B. Astor was the heir of the company, as well as banks, bonds and a large amount of land in New York City, where one of his neighborhoods “Astoria” was so named “honour” to his family.

We will learn how Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt practically became the owner of the Hudson River, where a great amount of merchandise was moved, which was originally done by different shipping companies, and which were “being eliminated”, some by force and others in complicity with the authorities of the place. When Cornelius died, his heirs, in addition to the shipping company, also received other properties, consisting of a railroad, a magnetic telegraph company, and iron and steel industries.

The way in which John D. Rockefeller, after the discovery of oil in Philadelphia in 1859, began a real war to appropriate the oil fields and keep exclusive in terms of refining fuel. It could be said that it was a war without mercy for the enemy, where blood was present. Of course, the properties of Rockefeller and the Standard Oil Company ended up in the hands of their heirs, just as happened with Trump and his father’s properties.

The aforementioned book reflects an in-depth investigation of how the Armour, Mellon, Burlington, Carnegie, Cook, Harriman and other families obtained their millions, which are part of the cream of American society. It is a manual of crimes carried out, with the purpose of accumulating money.

It could be added to what is mentioned in the book, the way in which the US congressmen have managed to become millionaires because, with rare exceptions, all are. The origin of the millionaire fortune of some presidents, including Obama, Clinton and many more.

In the land where one percent of the population owns more than 50 percent of the wealth, highlighting only one millionaire, is a lack of respect to the readers to whom one wants to manipulate for political purposes based on this, with the idea that in that country there are always people foolish enough to digest what the press publishes and not think about the realities of the nation.

Dr Néstor García Iturbe

For more on this story go to;: https://www.caribbeannewsnow.com/2018/10/14/letter-donald-trump-the-only-millionaire-existing-in-the-united-states/

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