November 28, 2020

Leslie resigns from the UDP to go it alone in his run for a GT seat

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Mathew LeslieRelying mainly on social networking like Facebook, Mathew Leslie, announced his intention to campaign in the May General Election for the District of George Town.

Instead of sending out a Press Release he announced his bid to stand in a message on his Facebook page and called for the support of over 3,000 FB friends.

Leslie is the CEO of Caybrew – the Cayman Islands Brewery, and the Titan Group of Companies.

Matthew leslieHe also believes running as an independent is his best chance as he resigned from the United Democratic Party (UDP) only a few days before his announcement.

He has already banged what he believes is the popular drum saying he believes the people of Cayman have lost faith in party politics and want a cooperative, coalition government.

Now where have I heard that before?

By announcing his candidacy on Friday (8) without any prepared manifesto and no press release, he certainly is being very independent.

Commenting on CNS he makes the strange statement that “Cayman has developed into two groups, the lower class and upper class.” He is the man to bring back the middle class!

Leslie has promised to reveal his ’10 in 10 Plan’ within the next few days. Whether he reveals it to the media direct or not remains to be seen.

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