September 22, 2020

Leadership Cayman Takes to the Streets to Tour Island’s Utilities


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On June 6th, 2012, the 2012 Leadership Cayman (LC) class had the opportunity to learn from the experts on the infrastructure of the Cayman Islands.  The seminar’s objective was to provide a broad overview of the present day development of infrastructure in the Cayman Islands, particularly Grand Cayman, in relation to supporting our residents and tourism industry while at the same time highlighting the protection and conservation of the natural environment.  The seminar started with an optional tour for the class with stops at the George Town Landfill, Water Authority’s waste water treatment facility and reverse osmosis plant, CUC, and finally with a site inspection of two new developments at Scott’s Barcadere and Foster’s Distribution Centre.  This was thoroughly enjoyed by all and Shayne Howe, the mentor for the Seminar, made an excellent tour guide.  All the class then met at Abacus for dinner and had a chance to meet the speakers over dinner.  The class then divided into 3 groups at the Discovery Centre in Camana Bay, where the class was able to pose various questions to the speakers.  The discussions tended to focus around the environment and why successive governments have never implemented the National Conservation Law which is so obviously needed here.  The George Town Landfill was also discussed and the plans for remediation, along with the divesture of the waste water treatment facility.

Seminar organisers were Andrea Bothwell & Garnet Harrison, who are both part of the 2012 LC class.  Invited speakers were Ken Hydes, Senior Manager – Special Projects & Camana Bay Town Center, Dart Realty (Cayman);  Gina Ebanks-Petrie, Director, Department of Environment;  Courtney Platt, Photographer/Environmentalist; Dr. Gelia Frederick-Van Genderen, Director, Water Authority; Alan Jones, Chief Officer, Ministry of District Administration, Works, Lands and Agriculture.

“The Water Authority was pleased to be able to show our facilities and welcomed the opportunity to discuss the Authority’s operations with the Leadership Cayman participants.” Gelia Frederick-van Genderen, Director, Water Authority

“Leadership Cayman provides an extraordinary opportunity for participants to network with like-minded individuals, to speak with key community stakeholders, such as: successful entrepreneurs, policy makers, politicians & corporate executives to name a few, and to tour facilities that would otherwise be inaccessible to the general public.  The program has been an incredible experience – eye opening and thought provoking packaged with much fun.”  Andrea Bothwell, Seminar Organizer.

“The Leadership Cayman program has been running for three years now. Once again this program has provided a dynamic experience to a group of people that genuinely care about the future of our islands. Andrea and Garnet did a remarkable job at coordinating this seminar and it was a pleasure being a part of it.”  Shayne Howe, Seminar Mentor.

“Helping to organize the seminar on the Infrastructure and the Environment, presented a unique challenge.  We wanted the participants in the seminar to understand the new developments that are taking place in the Cayman Islands and the infrastructure required to support these new developments, but also to take in consideration the impact on the environment.”  Garnet Harrison, Seminar Organizer.

“This seminar provided us with a truly unique perspective, including a rare view of Grand Cayman from the top of the infamous dump, of the infrastructure and environmental issues within the islands. With so many diverse opportunities and challenges facing each of these areas, the perspectives and insights of our panellists was invaluable in furthering our individual understanding of these issues and even inspiring our group on how we can support the fragile environment of our islands which we are so proud of. The massive challenges faced in balancing the necessary growth of infrastructure and development within the islands to sustain and continue growth and financial prosperity against the need to protect our fragile ecosystem and all the wonderful things within is daunting to say the least, but knowledge is power and we are all that much more empowered by the knowledge we gained in this seminar to support, advocate and promote good decisions by our leaders.”  Stacey Ottenbreit, Seminar Participant.

“The very knowledgeable speakers at the ‘Infrastructure and the Environment’ seminar, supplemented with the tours of the various infrastructure facilities around Grand Cayman, helped reinforce the critical importance of maintaining, developing and expanding Cayman’s infrastructure in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner to drive economic growth. The one central theme to emerge from the seminar was that we all need to work as a unified community to come up with innovative and practical solutions within.

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