December 1, 2020

LCTG Circle of sight – collecting used eye glasses

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RecycleFSColorBecome an Ambassador of Sight by donating your used eyeglasses to the Lions in your community.

The Lions Club of Tropical Gardens (LCTG) in partnership with Popeye’s restaurant presents, “Circle of Sight” day on Friday March 15th, from 10.00am to 10.00pm.

Bring your used eye glasses and drop them off to the Lions in the bright yellow jackets.


During the time that lionism started in the Cayman Islands, Lions International only permitted men to become members, but in 1987 it resolved to allow the admission of women into the movement.  This did not catch on immediately in the Cayman Islands even though the wives/partners of its members were very much involved in the activities of the Club.  Over time, the Club realized that there were various areas of need within the community that were best catered to by women, and subsequently decided to form a “women’s” arm of the Club to meet these needs.  On April 16, 1993, the Lions Club of Tropical Gardens was sanctioned as duly formed by Lions International, and on May 8, 1993, 30 ladies were inducted with Lion Patricia McField (a past president of the Leo Club of Grand Cayman) chosen to be its charter president. Although presently consisting of only women, men are permitted to join.

leo2940x160The Lions Club of Tropical Gardens (LCTG) took up the challenge and began its work in the community, making regular visits to the elderly at home and at the Pines Retirement Home, assisting with many projects within the primary and high schools, the Lighthouse School for the Handicapped, the Young Parents Program, counseling at the Fairbanks Prison (women’s prison), adopting Lions International Sight Program, bringing awareness of various diseases to the public (Lupus, Diabetes Osteoporosis, etc).  The Tropical Gardens Club is best known though for its Breast Cancer awareness campaign in October each year when it conducts awareness meetings in each district on Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac and partners with the Health Services Authority (George Town Hospital) in hosting breast cancer clinics.  Doctors, pharmacists and other medical professionals address breast cancer issues and highlight new developments and treatment of the disease.  Literature is provided and free mammogram vouchers are given out to women age 40 and older, and to younger women who have a family history of Breast Cancer.

There are approximately 253 Lions and Leos performing voluntary and community services within the three Cayman Islands.

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