August 1, 2021

Launch of a new site from the PhilPapers Foundation: PhilArchive.

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A new site: PhilArchive

We’re pleased to announce the launch of a new site from the PhilPapers Foundation: PhilArchive.

As its name indicates, PhilArchive is an open access e-print archive for philosophical works. PhilArchive is a relaunch and rebranding of the archive service that has been present within PhilPapers since 2009. The archive service has been widely used, but we have found that some philosophers are unaware of it because of its location within PhilPapers. We anticipate that the new PhilArchive website will significantly increase awareness and use of the service. It will also help to logically separate PhilPapers open access content (which is completely free to all) from its indexing service (for which we ask universities to pay a fee).

At launch, PhilArchive includes the 27,000 works already in the PhilPapers archive, making it by far the largest open access archive in philosophy. PhilPapers and PhilArchive will remain tightly integrated, with all archived papers on one service automatically appearing on the other service. PhilArchive also introduces some important new features, including the ability to make different versions of a paper accessible for citation.

We strongly encourage all philosophers to archive their papers on PhilArchive as a matter of course. Papers submitted to PhilArchive are not peer reviewed, although to prevent abuse they are subject to vetting for minimal standards of quality and relevance. Most journal publishers allow archival at least of a preprint version; you can find information on a specific journal’s policy on this page.

We also encourage all users to regularly monitor PhilArchive for new papers. You can set up regular email alerts and also search by fine-grained topics. We hope that the site will help make archival a standard practice in philosophy, as it already is in the physical sciences and some other areas.

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David Bourget (Western)
David Chalmers (NYU, ANU)
Co-Directors, PhilPapers

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