October 19, 2020

Latest on Becky Nelson – Cayman’s hit and run victim


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558060_4953907401789_1875787003_n-300x225Is this a great community or what?

By Keith Beebe From Elburn Herald

In September and October, we used this editorial space to remind residents about the then-upcoming Becky Nelson fundraiser event in Kaneville, urging them to participate and get in on the fundraising effort regarding Becky’s mammoth hospital bills

Nearly two weeks removed from the “Help Becky Bounce Back” event, we can look back and safely say that the event was an absolute success, with over $24,000 raised.

Becky isn’t the only winner here, though. Rather, that distinction can be applied to the countless local residents who took time out of their usual Sunday routine and headed over to Kaneville to help make a difference in the life of a young woman who spent last summer clinging to dear life, and is now taking it one day at a time as she rehabilitates from the brain trauma and broken pelvis she suffered as a result of being struck by a car in the Cayman Islands on July 1.

Seriously, we couldn’t be more proud to call the Kaneland area home, and the public showing, output and support demonstrated during Becky’s fundraiser only served to further confirm something we already knew: when it comes to sticking together, doing what is right and making a difference, the Kaneland community is second to none. It’s not even close.

We’ll continue to keep tabs on Becky’s recovery and update our readers on her rehab status. In the meantime, an additional fundraiser will take place Sunday, Nov. 10, at Eddie Gaedel Pub and Grill at 117 N. Main St. in Elburn. The restaurant—a new eatery from Dick and Annette Theobald, the owners of Paisano’s—will donate 10 percent of the day’s sales to the fundraising effort and will host a 50/50 raffle.

Those who are interested in following the continuing fundraising effort and receiving updates on Becky’s progress should “Like” the Help Becky Bounce Back page on Facebook.

For more on this story go to: http://elburnherald.com/32111/2013/10/31/editorial-is-this-a-great-community-or-what/

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