July 24, 2021

Latest Cayman Islands Police operations in Eastern Districts

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Police Operations in Eastern Districts This Past Weekend, 13-15 October, Yield Results


Police Officers in the Eastern Districts carried out operations over this weekend, 13-15 October, resulting in several arrests being made and a number of tickets being issued. Many of the arrests made over the weekend were in relation to illegal gambling and were carried out in areas of concern which members of the community had shared with the police.

“The operations this weekend reflect our commitment to restoring peace of mind to citizens of the Eastern Districts who have expressed concern to us about illegal activities happening in those areas,” said Police Inspector Winsome Prendergast. “We will continue to crack down on crime in these areas to ensure the safety and comfort of all who live there.”

The police would like to take this opportunity to remind the public that gambling is illegal in the Cayman Islands and that we will continue to put a stop to any illegal gambling activities happening here.

In addition to arrests, on Saturday 14 October, a large number of tickets were issued, with more than half being for illegal tint on vehicles.

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