November 25, 2020

Las Vegas Strip gun battle leaves three dead

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_66001319_66001318  Footage from the scene shows burnt out vehicles on the Strip

Three people have died and at least six others were injured after a “rolling” gun fight and crash involving several cars in Las Vegas, police say.

Six vehicles were caught up in the crash – including a taxi that burst into flames – at a crossroads on the busy Las Vegas Strip.

Police say shots were fired from a Range Rover Sport at a Maserati before the Maserati hit the taxi.

The Maserati driver and the taxi’s driver and a passenger were killed.

A passenger from the Maserati was among several others taken to hospital.

The Range Rover Sport, which was said to have large black wheel rims, had fled the scene by the time police arrived.

Investigators have spoken to the authorities in three neighbouring states in an attempt to trace the vehicle.

The incident occurred about 04:30 local time (12:30 GMT) at the junction of Flamingo and Las Vegas boulevards, police Sgt John Sheahan said.

Authorities believe an altercation tha_66003415_66003414t began at a hotel prompted the attack. The two vehicles were stopped at a red light when a person in the Range Rover Sport opened fire.

Authorities say several people were in the car.

Four casualties were taken to the University Medical Center hospital, three of whom were treated and released, said a spokeswoman for the facility.

One person, whose condition was not disclosed, remained in hospital.

The site of the crash is in the heart of Las Vegas, near some of the most famous hotels on the Strip, including the Bellagio and Caesars Palace.

The crash site is near the Bellagio and Caesars Palace hotels, in the heart of the Strip.

The central location can be busy at all times, Las Vegas police officer Jose Hernandez told CNN.

Police say it is possible others were hurt.

British tourist Mark Thompson told the Associated Press news agency: “This doesn’t happen where we come from, not on this scale.

“We get stabbings and gang violence, but this is like something out of a movie. Like Die Hard, or something.”

This is the third incident of violent crime to hit the popular casino resort this month.

Two people were wounded in a shooting at a Las Vegas car park on 6 February.

And a tourist was stabbed in a lift at the city’s Hotel Mandalay Bay on 16 February.

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