December 6, 2021

Las Tortugas Pirates Scavenge Cayman Islands airport

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tab-survey-23-of-38 tab-survey-33-of-38 tab-survey-34-of-38 tab-survey-27-of-38 tab-survey-30-of-38Las Tortugas Pirates & TAB Embark on a Scavenge at George Town Airport!

[Savannah, Grand Cayman, November 24, 2016 – Data was as valuable as doubloons last weekend, as the Las Tortugas Pirates went on a forage for feedback at the George Town Airport!

The Las Tortugas Pirates and the Tourism Attraction Board teamed up over the weekend to gather valuable data from travelers on the Pirates Week National Festival.

The surveys conducted on Saturday, November 19, 2016, comprised part I of a three-step strategic plan headed by the Tourism Attraction Board to gather valuable feedback on the national festival. Pirate flags, shirts and beads were up for grabs as well as the chance to win a round trip flight for two, thanks to Cayman Airways.

“The surveys conducted at the airport form part of a three-step strategic plan to obtain valuable feedback on the national festival from overseas visitors, residents and local businesses. The Pirates Week Festival is an integral part of local culture, and plays a significant role in the tourism industry in Cayman.

The data gathered from the surveys will be used to assess the current status of the festival, identify key areas for improvement and enhance the overall festival experience for everyone involved.”- Shayma Hamdi-Romanica, Marketing Coordinator, TAB.

The surveys could not have been completed without the help and support of the Cayman Islands Airport Authority.

“The CIAA is happy to support the TAB in carrying out these surveys at the airport for feedback on our national festival – Pirates Week and we look forward to working closely with the Board to promote Pirates Week for 2017 and beyond.” – Bianca Moore Downey, Chief Commercial Officer, CIAA.

“This exercise truly accentuated the importance of partnerships. We are indebted to the Las Tortugas Pirates and the CIAA for the role they played in making this operation a success. I believe the TAB and the CIAA have truly epitomized the essence of synergy among government agencies. With sustained collaborations like this we will no doubt continue to improve the experience of our visitors at our National Festival and by extension the tourism product of the Cayman Islands as a whole.”– Patrick Thompson, Acting CEO, TourismAttraction Board.

Almost 400 surveys were collected from the initiative over the weekend.

The Las Tortugas Pirates did a great job interacting with passengers, giving them a warm, CaymanKind send- off which was welcomed by passengers in the departure lounge with a hearty round of applause.

“We are happy to help the Tourism Attraction Board in any way we can to promote our islands and the Pirates Week National Festival”. – Orneil Galbraith, Captain of the Las Tortugas Pirates.

The Pirates Week Festival is a ten-day event that takes place each November in the Cayman Islands. First introduced by the Hon. James M. Bodden as a vehicle to stimulate tourist arrivals during off-season and to integrate tourism into the Caymanian community, the festival has since grown into a national event that attracts over 35,000 patrons each year. It is a time of open-air festivities celebrating Cayman culture, heritage and good-natured swashbuckling fun for all.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Ms. Melanie McField at 925-2261,
TAB Office at 949-6999, email [email protected], or [email protected].

– #30 (left to right): Ramon Torres, Passenger, Orneil Galbraith, Meena Kheela – #27 (left to right): Passenger, Ramon Torres, Passenger – #34 (left to right back): Peter Klassel, Passenger
(left to right front): Meena Kheela, Passenger Ramon Torres, – #33 (left to right): Passenger, Orneil Galbraith – #23 (left to right): Meena Kheela, Peter Klassel, Passenger, Ramon Torres

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