October 26, 2020

Lands & Survey Business Expo Connects


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“Newer, faster, and with more enhanced features” is how the Lands and Survey Department (L&S) billed its services during a mini business-expo last Friday, 22 November 2013.

Similar improvements were also on display by the Planning Department, which works closely with L&S.

For some years, L&S has used Geographical Information Systems to produce detailed maps, geographic data and web based interactive mapping services. The new web map application, Caymap, displays a vast array of information, and allows user searches that can produce broad, global views, or be refined to specific districts, neighbourhoods and building lots.

For instance, a new option allows users to search on any layer in the map using the Global Search Tool, for instance, users can search simply by using the name of a commercial building.

Subscribers have the option to choose a package that suits the needs of their businesses. From simple ones, to more advanced packages that allow users more detailed search options which include the history of each property’s comparable values (including sale and lease information).  Regular customers include local surveyors, utility companies, banks, real estate companies and government entities.

The end result of all this is a more reliable, fast system, with advanced functionality, which, in turn, makes clients happy. “This service makes the research aspect of my job a lot easier,” testified attendee Lisa Ebanks, who works in real estate. A new functionality for customers is the ability to use the new application on their mobile devices, a function that pleased many customers at the expo.

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Lands and Survey maps were also updated this year, with the acquisition of new aerial images that show detailed information of the islands. Using base maps, the new application provides a seamless transition between historic aerials — images are available going as far back as 1999, and will go back to 1971 once the full system is available.

Attendees at the business expo, held in the Government Administration Building, were also able to attend small-group training workshops on the use of the enhanced service.

The Minister responsible for this area, the Hon. Kurt Tibbetts, expressed his pleasure at these developments, which allow subscribers to maximize their use of online government services.

During his tour of the expo, the Minister stated, “It’s wonderful to know that L&S is reaching out to customers (and potential customers) and showing them how these systems operate, while also seeking their views on possible improvements.”

For more information on these services, visit the website my.caymanlandinfo.ky  – a new client-specific website which is in the process of being updated. Information on packages and prices can be found at the current Lands and Survey Website www.caymanlandinfo.ky, or by calling 244-6642.

A close partner of Lands and Survey in this area of work, the Planning Department, was also present at the expo, with staff demonstrating newly fine-tuned applications for online services.

Planning recently launched its Online Planning System (OPS) – an inspection portal which shares data and links all users in real-time.

It links common users like contractors, utility service providers and agencies such as the Fire Service, National Roads Authority, Department of the Environment and the Water Authority.

With the click of a button on their tablet computers, a planning inspector in the field can now update information simultaneously while visiting a building site.

Owners should also see cost savings from the government initiatives. With OPS now the hub for permits and inspections, there have already been marked improvements in inspector time gains, and up to 76% reduction in time for the contractor, reports Project Manager Charles Brown.



In other cost-savings, OPS users pay $10 per transaction. In the unpredictable construction industry, this option compares well to flat subscription rates, or manual submission of applications – which cost $15 for each application made at the Planning counter.

For more information on these Planning services visit the websites: DOP.Secure.ky; or www.Planning.gov.ky


Photos:  Photo credits – Lennon Christian / GIS

No.62  L&S Data technician Botshelo Webster (L) guides a guest  through the process.

No.69  Minister Tibbetts (standing right), Chief Officer Alan Jones and others view the enhanced systems.

No. 64  The personal demonstrations were well-received.


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