September 24, 2020

Kyshon Missick is Winning Chef


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Kyshon AdamDesly Kyshon Missick is the winner of the first Cayman Islands culinary competition for student chefs.
Visiting British Master Chef Adam Handling named Missick, the winner at a dinner at Government House on Wednesday, 14 January 2015. The dinner by British Airways was hosted by Her Excellency the Governor, Helen Kilpatrick
Earlier that morning in the finals at the Ritz-Carlton, Missick’s Cayman lobster creation scored over Zack Myrie’s dish as the two junior chefs battled for top honours before judges Presentation1Handling and Ritz-Carlton Executive Chef Frederic Morineau. Handling is the first award-winning British chef participating in Cayman Cookout, an annual culinary festival that starts Friday evening.
Commenting on his victory Missick, who works at Ortanique Restaurant, said, “I feel so Trio 2accomplished because I had to cook for a top chef and he said he would sit down and eat my creation.” Acknowledging Zack Myrie as a good friend and chef, Missick said he is looking forward to working with Handling in London, which is part of his prize.
Celebrating its 20th year of service to the Cayman Islands, British Airways is also providing Missick’s travel to the UK and back as part of the prize, BA Commercial Manager Caribbean Diane Corrie said.DSC_3918 A
Photo Captions Photos Bina Mani, GIS
1. Award winning British chef Adam Handling with student chef culinary competition winner Desly Kyshon Missick
2. British Airways Diane Corrie presents the prize to Desly Kyshon Missick
3. L-r: Runner up Zack Myrie, Chef Adam Handling, winner Desly Kyshon Missick
4. Missick’s winning dish

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